Franklin Institute Robot Conflict

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FRC Team 1640 (Sab-BOT-age) was invited to demonstrate DEWBOT VI (not to mention a kinder, gentler and lower-maintenance version of robotics) at Northeast Robot Club's(NERC) Franklin Institute Robot Conflict on 9-October-2010. DEWBOT very wisely stayed out of the competition cage. FTC Team 3489 (Minds in Gear) also represented FIRST at this robot combat event.

The Robot Conflict was a great event drawing many very cleverly-designed robots.

DEWBOT drew a lot of attention and made some new friends. DEWBOT was the biggest robot there, but with neither saw blades nor hammers, not the most lethal. Pivot drive, though, was a big hit.

Did a lot of kicking. Got in a lot of driving practice. Got some mantenance to do as a result.


FRC: Carly, Ben R, Jack, Garrison, Andrew, Ian, Josh, Yahya
FTC: Sasha, Nicole, Rita Wall (Mentor)
Mentors: Scott Featherman, Clem & Faith McKown, Mike Rizzo