Game Play Team

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The Game Play Team is responsible for playing the game at events and doing demonstrations.

Key tasks:

  • driver/operator/human player/coach selection
  • driver/operator/human player/coach training
  • tactics development and training
  • competitive intelligence prior-to and during competitions
  • help develop cooperative relationships with other teams
  • discussing and agreeing upon alliance tactics prior to each match
  • compiling an alliance selection guide at competitions (if are an alliance captain, who should we invite to join us? A prioritized list needed)
  • after-action analysis:
    • what worked; what didn't
    • what opponent tactics worked well against us (or didn't)
    • what alliance tactics worked well with us (or didn't)
    • what might we do differently (could be situation-based)
  • demonstrate all of the features and fuctions of the robot to judges and spectators.

Driver, operator, human player, coach and scouts are all members of this team.