Move to CCIU Technical College High School

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Move Stage 2 - 14-August-2013

In the AM, we rented a truck and moved the mill, lathe, carpet, pallet jack and a big sheet of polycarbonate. The Kelloms prepared the mill the evening before for transport, rotating the head and adding tie-down points, while Gary Deaver staged the lathe and carpet boxes. Our next-door neighbors, Specialty Resources, Inc., very graciously provided a forklift & driver to load our mill onto the truck. The lift gate was able to manage everything else.

We were able to use the CCIU's loading dock for unloading, and the CCIU's forklift brought the mill into our workshop.

No incidents, no issues and no real difficulty.

Our evening meeting was spent cleaning out Oscar Way and starting to organize our work area.

Move Stage 1 - 10-August-2013

Most of our stuff, excluding the mill, was moved in a day. Hate to admit it, but we are getting good at this. Still, the mill needs moving, scrap needs recycling, the shop needs organizing, and there are a lot of cats and dogs still to be dealt with.

The team will need to learn to keep this shop organized. Otherwise, we will quickly become ineffective.

Thanks to:

Students: Patrick D, Kira K, Molly K, Rachael T, Hannah T, Douglas M, Eric W, and Ian W
Mentors: Andrew Weissman, Siri Maley, Michael Geldart, Ben Kellom, John Weissman, Gary & Mark Deaver, Clem McKown and Rich Tipperman

Preparation - 23-July-2013

The enclosure of our warehouse space is almost complete, together with the running of electrical service. The area is 20' x 50' (1,000 ft²). The CCIU will not provide furnishings for this area.

I've noted to Joe Passante that the mill will not fit through the single door. This will be fixed.

It looks as if we will be able to get four (4) fobs for entry. We need to decide who will hold these.

We will share the classroom space with John Cilladi's FTC Team. Should not be a problem, as they meet during school hours. The classroom space is about 1,600 ft². It is likely that this space will be furnished by the CCIU.

Our practice field set-up will be in the warehouse area (outside the enclosed work space). This will make things easier for us.

We will need to be very selective about what we bring to the CCIU. We do not have nearly enough space for all of the stuff we have accumulated. We have prepared a proposed layout.

The address is 443 Boot Road, Downingtown, PA 19335. A map and satellite image show the location of the CCIU campus.