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Archive of News Articles from 2015


Eastern Pennsylvania FTC Qualifying Tournament - 5-December-2015

FTC 7314 Sab-BOT-age finished qualifications as 6th seed out of a field of 36 teams. We were invited to join the 1st alliance and went on to finish as finalists.

Downingtown Area Robotics-TCHS-Penn FLL Qualifying Event 2015 - 5-December-2015

Downingtown Area Robotics' fourth annual FIRST LEGO League Regional Qualifying Tournament was held at the CCIU TCHS Brandywine Campus in Downingtown, PA. Eighteen area teams participated in this tournament, with four qualifying to advance to the Penn FLL Championship in this year's game, Trash TrekSM!

FLL Judge & Referee Training - 2 & 3 December-2015

Clem McKown and Andrew Weissman as trainers. In preparation for the DAR RQT.

Ramp Riot - 14-November-2015

Due to the D-Town Dustoff FLL Scrimmage we needed to be in two places at once. Neat trick. We picked a small, focused team to compete. Six students and three mentors. The students ran the show.

We went to Ramp Riot with a Coach and Operator experiencing their first competition as drive team members, and a human player experiencing his second competition in this role. Only our driver and two pit students were experienced veterans.

How did we do? Really well. We ended up as 1st seed and led the 1st alliance. A huge shout out to alliance partners 1218 (Vulcan Robotics), 1626 (Falcon Robotics) and 1712 (Dawgma). We didn't win, but did very well in the quarterfinals. A truly outstanding last competition for DEWBOT XI.

D-Town Dustoff FLL Scrimmage - 14-November-2015

Our 4th annual FLL scrimmage was a great success. 20 area FLL teams participated. The CCIU graciously provided the venue.

FLL Judge & Referee Training - 5-November-2015

Clem McKown and Andrew Weissman as trainers. Lightly attended. Oh well. Training is over-rated anyway, right?

Team Halloween bonfire - 24-October-2015

Thanks again to the Binder family in taking the lead! This was simply great fun for all!

Girl Scout Open House - 21-October-2015

We had an excellent turn-out of Girl Scouts and parents at our open house. Thanks to the Moyers for organizing this event!

Duel on the Delaware - 17-October-2015

While first seed (of 33) and first alliance captain (joined by teams 836 and 87), we were eliminated in the semifinals thereby bringing our Duel on the Delaware winning streak to a close.

Great jobs by the whole drive team, with a special fedoras-off to first-time driver Abbi and first-time human player Kevin! Also, thanks to Ian for stepping up to the challenging job of Lead Scout.

Demo at Downingtown S.T.E.M. Academy - 22-September-2015

ResQ Game animation
Organized by Meghana, Abby. Nicholas & Laura supported this.

Clem McKown receives Arkema Inc.'s Thiochemicals "Above and Beyond" Award

For Paladin® business support.

FIRST Res-Q FTC Kick-off - 12-September

FTC7314 turned out for kick-off at the TCHS to learn the deepest, darkest secrets of the 2015-2016 FIRST Tech Challenge game, FIRST Res-Q.

Team Picnic II - 5-August-2015

If one picnic is good, two is twice as good. At Shadyside Park, West Branywine.

Demo at BSA Horseshoe Camp - 21-July-2015

Thanks to Kevin S. for organizing this demonstration!

Indiana Robotics Invitational FINALISTS - 17 & 18 July-2015

The Indiana Robotics Invitational (IRI) is a unique unofficial FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) event, drawing together the very best FRC teams from around the country and beyond in an "All Star" competition. Participation is by invitation only and competitive success is the acceptance criteria. The level of competitive play is astounding. There are no mediocre robots at IRI.

FRC 1640 has had the very good fortune in participating in IRI every year starting 2010. It has always been an awesome experience for us and has provided an enormous incentive to improve our performance. But we had never hitherto participated in elimination matches at IRI. But this has changed.

Our sincerest thanks go out to FRC Team 118 (Alliance Captain - Robonauts, Houston TX) and 2826 (Wave Robotics, Oshkosh WI) for inviting Sab-BOT-age to join the 3rd alliance in eliminations (and 67 - Heroes of Tomorrow, Milford/White Lake MI - for completing the alliance). Together, the 3rd alliance made it to IRI Finals. We were defeated in a very close and hard-fought match by 7 points (345 vs 338). The fact that we scored 338 points and lost gives a clear picture of the level of competition.

Congratulations to the winning 2nd alliance: 2056 (OP Robotics, Stoney Creek, Ontario CN), 1023 (Bedford Express, Temperance MI), 1806 (S.W.A.T., Smithville MO) & 2502 (Talon Robotics, Eden Prairie MN) for their well-deserved victory.

This has been an enormous accomplishment for the team. Getting to this point has been very hard work and has required that we work effectively together as a team. Accomplishments like this show some of the reward for this effort.

MAR Team Day at Dorney Park - 11-July-2015

The 2nd annual MAR Team Day. Absolutely perfect weather and a great time had by all!

Midknight Mayhem FINALISTS - 27-June-2015

1640 finished qualifications as 1st seed and invited 225 TechFire and 193 MORT Beta to join us to form the 1st alliance. This awesome alliance put up the events highest score, 214 points, during a semifinal match. Unfortunately, our robot tipped over in the 3rd finals match and we ended the competition as Finalists.

Application to co-host a MAR Qualifying Event with FRC 1391 (The Metal Moose)

An application has been made to Mid-Atlantic Robotics for FRC 1391 and FRC 1640 to co-host a 2016 MAR Qualifying Event. The venue would be The Westtown School.

Team Picnic - 20-June-2015

Graciously hosted by the Binder family. A great time. DEWBOT XI, alas, was not invited due to his/her (who really knows?) suspected weakness for swimming pools (really wants to play the water game, but was simply not designed for this!).

Demo at Avon Grove Charter School - 9-June-2015

The team held its first robotics demonstration at Avon Grove Charter School. Thanks to Malia and Paul for organizing this and to all who participated.

Congratulations to our Graduates

Our graduating students brought the team through a period of amazing growth and success. We thank them and wish them success at University and beyond.

  • Patrick D - Programming Lead - Downingtown S.T.E.M. Academy
  • Brad M - Electrical Lead - Downingtown East High School
  • Hannah T - The Baldwin School
  • Rachael T - The Baldwin School
  • Malia A - Avon Grove Charter School
  • Michael L - Downingtown S.T.E.M. Academy
  • Henry K - Avon Grove Charter School
  • Ryan D - University Scholars
  • Marina SM - PA Leadership Charter School
  • Kira K - Avon Grove Charter School

SolidWorks certification class - Starting 30-May-2015

Siri Maley initiates a class for SolidWorks Certification. Saturdays 2:00-4:00pm.

Clem McKown Arkema Arena Award Finalist

Clem McKown was a Finalist for Arkema's Arena Award. The award is inspired by Theodore Roosevelt's "Man in the Arena" quotation from his speech on "Citizenship in a Republic" delivered at the Sorbonne - 23-April-1910

Demo during Downingtown West High School step-up day - 1-May-2015

Downingtown West students Dana, Fatima and Trevor, with support from Laura and Ryan, introduced our robotics program to incoming freshmen.

Archimedes FINALISTS at FRC Championship - 22-25 April-2015

An awesome year for us at FRC Championship. While the team did not tread the hallowed ground of Einstein field this year, we very nearly did so; and as alliance captain rather than 2nd pick.

We finished qualifications as Archimedes 5th seed out of a field of 76 teams. We spent an anxious evening into the wee hours on Friday night working on our elimination strategy and putting together our alliance pick list. We put together a winning strategy and a great pick list.

...and then the impossible happened. We were able to pick up two complimentary team from our #1 pick list. Impossible! Picking up FRC 1310 (Runnymede Robotics - Toronto, ON, Canada) was enormous good fortune. Getting FRC 217 (ThunderChickens - Sterling Heights, MI) on the 2nd round; priceless. 1640, 1310 & 217 made an awesome and balanced alliance. And don't forget our 3rd pick, 2383 (Ninjineers - Plantation FL).

While we made it to Archimedes Finals, problems with DEWBOT's lift limited our scoring capability and we were unable to advance beyond this point.

Sugartown Elementary School's Lego Expo and Robotics Fair - 17-April-2015

A joint FRC1640 / FTC7314 demonstrations. Both teams were able to make their robots interact with the Sugartown students and were a huge hit!

FINALISTS at MAR Championship - 8-11 April-2015

Sab-BOT-age continued its outstanding performance at this event. After a rocky start (Intake Arm pneumatics did not work during the first qual match due to disconnected wire), 1640 slowly worked its way up to 2nd seed. We formed the 2nd alliance with teams 303 (The Test Team) and 4635 (Ironmen Robotics), finishing the event as Finalists.

During the last Finals match, DEWBOT XI succeeded in placing three capped 6-tote stacks on the scoring platform after burgling two RCs from the step - a new performance record for us.

The team finished the Mid-Atlantic Robotics competition season ranked 2nd (after 225) in a field of 121 teams. We qualified easily for FRC Championships.

CHAMPIONS at Seneca - 20-22 March-2015

A good second competition for us. We finished qualifications as 1st seed and invited 1218 (Vulcan Robotics) and 5113 (Combustible Lemons) to join the 1st alliance. Together, we won the event. Sab-BOT-age again received the Motorola Quality Award. The team earned 73 MAR qualifying points.

Swerve drive workshop with Team 365 - 19-March-2015

A multidisciplined team from Sab-BOT-age visited the Miracle Workerz to help work through some swerve drive issues.

FINALISTS at Hatboro-Horsham - 27-Feb - 1 March-2015

The team got off to a good start for the season at this week 1 event. Finishing qualifications as 3rd seed, we accepted 1403's (Cougar Robotics)gracious invitation and joined the first alliance. Together with 3637 (The Daleks) we finished as Finalists. Sab-BOT-age also received the Quality Award (sponsored by Motorola). The team earned 61 MAR qualifying points at Hatboro-Horsham.

Boeing Engineering Week FIRST Robotics Demo - 26-Feb-2015

Team Sab-BOT-age made the photo banner on the FIRST website

Patrick, Abbilyn & Siri Maley
3rd photo of 7. Patrick Curran, Abbilyn and Siri Maley at the 2014 FRC Championship.

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