Penn State Abington VEX Clean Sweep Scrimmage

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Penn State Abington VEX Clean Sweep Scrimmage

The Event

December 5, 2009 - 9AM to 4PM - Abington PA - Woodland Building

This was the warmup practice scrimmage leading to the 6 big events in the NJ, PA, MD area in January, Feb and March.

This event is a "Ready, Queue, Play" event. When the robot is ready, the team gets in line and gets queued for the next match.

You can also do two tries at the Programming and Driver Skills challenge.

There were 21 robots that participated from 9 different schools or companies.

Thanks to PSU Abington and Abington Bank for supplying us with breakfast, a huge pizza lunch (we ate 50 pizzas!) and drinks during the day. Thanks to STEMRobotics and to Team 76, Driven Nuts for supplying fields and control systems. And a big thanks to our Head Referee Clem, all the parents and FRC roboteers that helped out with scoring, queuing, field reset and helping in the pits to keep the robots running.


Most Matches Played - Team 80 Pegasus, Downingtown PA
This award goes to the team that has the most robust robot. During an event the robots are often pushed to their limits, this team was able to participate in 12 of the 23 matches played.
Driver Skill Challenge - Team 677 Keeping up with the Jones, Montclaire NJ
This award is for the team that has the best driving skills. The robot is placed alone on the field and tries to score as many points as possible. Team 677 reached 91 points.
Programming Skill Challenge - Team 1224 Driven Bolts, Brick NJ
This robot has the best autonomous programming. Like the driver challenge the robot is placed on the field alone and has a chance to score as may points as possible.
Design Award - Team 76 Driven Nuts, Newtown Square PA
Design Award - Team 101b Radnor Robotics, Radnor PA
Design Award - Team 181 Souderton Robotics, Souderton PA
Design Award - Team 677 Keeping up with the Jones, Montclaire NJ
Design Award - Team 1224 Driven Bolts, Brick NJ
These are judged awards that go to teams that have shown an innovative, creative design and construction in their robots. The judges were a combination of PSU faculty and engineering s

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