RobotC Programming Class

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On Wednesday evenings at the Downingtown site, Steve Rhoads will run RobotC programming sessions! The primary intended audience is returning roboteers (one year of participation suggested) or adult volunteer.

What do you need to bring? You need to provide your own laptop and a copy of RobotC for IFI (Vex) or RobotC for Mindstorms (Lego Tetrix/FTC). You can download a trial that will work for 30 days and decide if you want to jump in. We have enough programming cables and Vex robots for you to borrow a robot to program. Come join us! (Wednesday: 6:30-8:30pm at DEC)

Our first night, we will explore the RobotC environment and download a sample program to drive the robot using tank and single stick drives. We also will survey the types of available sample code. Next week, let's read contact switches, and light sensors... and maybe do some line following. In the following week, let's read a ultrasonic switch and wheel encoders (simple and quadrature). Next, let's take a look at the accelerometer. Then, let's look at the potentiometer, and custom rheostats (from Radio Shack). Then, we also have some Infrared Ranging Sensors from SparkFun. Let's see what we can do with those puppies :)

After that, let's see where we are...