STEAMworks Meeting - 14-Feb-2017

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CAD & Design

Climber - Rope rules are laid out in paragraph I04 (eye-oh-four) of Section 9 - Inspection and Eligibility Rules of the game manual.

Legal rope lengths are 5'-3" to 8'.  From retaining feature (RF) (e.g. knot which engaged the Davit Fingers to the end).

The rope may be knotted or looped (with limitations).

From figure 3-19 of the game manual The TOUCHPAD plate is 4'-10" (58") above grade in the resting position.  The TOUCHPAD has a 10" diameter.  It activates with a 1/2" depression and will depress fully 1-1/2". 

The bottom end of the Davit's steel channel is at approximately the same elevation as the TOUCHPAD.  This channel does not move.

From Field Component drawings GE-17079 and GE-17081 (esp. sheets 1-3 of 4), the length of rope occupying the Davit between the Davit Fingers and the lower end of the channel is approximately 22".

Therefore a rope 22" + 58" = 80" (6'-8") from RF would just touch the field floor.

A minimum-length rope (5'-3" = 63") would end approximately (80" - 63" = ) 17" above grade. 

With a Flail comprising a 1" tube with 2" bolts, the Flail radius is approximately 2.5".  Since the top cannot be above 24", the maximum axis centerline of the Flail is approximately 21.5" above grade.  4.5" above the minimum rope length.

I believe that we can have the loop at the elevation we want, but have the rope continue beyond the loop knot and terminate at or beyond the legal minimum length.  The short length of extra rope should not create a problem.

There is a requirement that the highest knot on the rope be no closed than 29" from the RF.  This rule should not present any problems for us.

- Clem McKown




Field Elements