STEAMworks Meeting - 15-Jan-2017

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CAD & Design

Motor Curves for 2017. - Clem McKown

Preliminary sketches for shooter turret module

-Sullivan Stuehrmann, Cad lead

The CVT swerve modules were added to the chassis CAD in SolidWorks. - Madi Wyatt


Once again Mr. Park taught a soldering workshop. Four more students were in attendance. - Madi Wyatt

Today we continued work on what we were unable to finish yesterday. Eric, Connor, Charlie, Jarryd, and Bobby worked on finishing the gear drop. Once they completed the drop, Eric and Connor were able to successfully test a gear drop that was developed by Eric, Connor, Abby, Ryan, Dana, Laura, and Rebecca. The initial drop tests proved to be a success, and after some design tweaks, a more complete prototype was completed. The idea is that the gear falls into a funnel and then into two holders. Once the robot goes up to put the gear onto the pole, the spring loaded ends push the gear out onto the pole. Though we have not put the springs on yet, everything else works. Josh, Josh, and Nick worked on the ball intake, tweaking the design, trying to compact it, and making sure no balls would get stuck in the mechanism. Sam, Braden, Cameron, and Will continued to work on the shooter, testing it under various field conditions. Doug continued to work on the ball hopper, putting in more of the polyurethane belts that move the balls. We also came up with more gear ideas to test. Mr. Featherman showed us a design that he made out of cardboard, where the gear would be pushed out after the pole hit the end.


-We began tuning a PID for the shooter. This PID is a velocity PID. It will be run on the CANTalon Motor Controllers. This will hopefully allow us to increase the accuracy of the distance of the shooter.

~Laura Dodds


Field Elements


Attendees: Madi, Magdalena, Sully


  • Work on completing sponsorship packet
  • Continue to build potential sponsor/grant list
  • Send out at least two sponsorship cold contacts from frc1640 gmail


  • Madi chose sponsor to cold contact
  • Researched further potential sponsors

Action Items (Moving Forward):

  • Continue to work on sponsorship packet
  • Continue to build list of potential sponsors and grants
  • Choose sponsors and grants, have at least 4 cold contacts made by Wednesday