STEAMworks Meeting - 18-Jan-2017

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CAD & Design

The underbelly for the electronics panel was edited to not interfere with the swerve modules. - Madi Wyatt


Mechanical team began to perfect the prototypes they have been working on. Nick and Rebecca worked on a new possible ball hopper. The prototype hopper is a tote from the 2014 game. Their idea is to have 2 rods, powered by motors, in the middle of the tote with flaps on them that would push the balls over to one side and out the ball sized hole. They spent most of the meeting making flaps using zipties and duct tape. The first trial showed that the zip ties weren’t particularly effective. They were too weak to push the balls and just ended up bending. Nick and Rebecca added more zipties and combined them to make them stronger. By the end of the night, they were able to clear a full bin of balls, which is around 40 balls, in about 20 seconds. Although this is a good start, we would like it to be much faster. Our ideal robot would shoot about 5 balls per second, which means our ball hopper needs to push them out at the same rate. Sam, Braden, Connor, and Cameron worked on the shooter. They spent the night tinkering with the shooter, trying to get the balls to shoot in the same place consistently. They continued to play around with changing the angle of the shooter vs. changing the speed of the shooter.


-We began to set up a Dashboard for better PID tuning. It would update live and allow us to see graphs of the output. It will run off the NetworkTables.

-We also continued learning with the FPGA.

~Laura Dodds


Field Elements


Attendees: Madi, Meghana


  • Check in with schedule
  • Work on completing sponsorship packet
  • Continue to build potential sponsor/grant list
  • Send out at least two sponsorship cold contacts from frc1640 gmail
  • Contact SWE Outreach
  • Specific:
  • Assign people grants
  • Cold Call Template
  • Finish…
  • SWE ✓
  • GM ✓


  • Finished editing the SWE letter
  • Finished first draft of the GM Email
  • Picture posted to the instagram
  • @customapplied followed us on Twitter… They are “a woman-owned organization that supplies… robotics SWAG.” maybe we can reach out to them?
  • @SGOfficialTweets followed us on Twitter… They are officially located in West Chester, PA and are officially known as Stadium Grille… maybe we can reach out to them for food?

Action Items (Moving Forward):

  • Send out ISPE and SWE letters
  • ISPE information??
  • Continue to work on sponsorship packet
  • Continue to build list of potential sponsors and grants
  • Choose sponsors and grants, have at least 4 cold contacts made by Wednesday