Steering Committee 2009-07-31

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Agenda for Steering Committee Meeting 31 July 2009

  1. Approval of the minutes of the meeting of 26 June 2009
  2. Finance Report
  3. Fund Raising Effort
  4. Review of July Activities
    1. Downingtown 4 July
    2. Uwchlan 11 July
    3. Upper Uwchlan 18 July
    4. Pivot Drive Prototype & Vision System Progress
    5. Update on July garage cleanout
    6. Pool Party Update
  5. FRC Programming organization for the 2010 season
  6. Review of space planning
  7. Website update
    1. Viziweb loss of service
    2. Migration to GoDaddy
    3. Release forms
    4. Status / Plan
  8. Summer schedule review
    1. Dr. Jekyll vs. Mr. Hyde competition organization
  9. Fall schedule planning
  10. Nominate/Vote for team secretary

In attendance

Scott Featherman, Mike Rizzo, Paul Klufas, Faith McKown & Clem McKown

Finance Report

No change from June

Fund Raising Effort

Clem will draft and distribute for comments a corporate fund-raising letter (DRAFT out Sunday 2-Aug). Once complete, this will provide a consistent template for all corporate contacts. It is expected that all Steering Team members will participate in fund-raising. We should engage Parents, other Mentors and Students as well.

Donations can go through Stem Robotics for tax credit purposes (Stem is a not-for-profit organization). Minimum donation size for this route is $500.

Need Team letterhead. Check Newsletter for currency (think it's okay). Student jobs.

July Activities

As the Agenda indicates, July was an active month for the Team. Some highlights:

  • We've gained two FRC students during our outreach events (Kenneth Au & Matt Murphy), along with some Vexsters and Vex Mentors. Kenneth has become a regular at the Summer program meetings
  • The Summer Program meetings have developed to twice per week (Tuesday & Wednesday). The Pivot Prototype is mechanically complete. Programming has started.
  • Paul Sabatino is returning (both to Downingtown H.S. and our Team). Paul participated in the Upper Uwchlan Block Party. Welcome back!
  • We are altogether out of Siri's garage.

FRC Programming Organization

We will seek to get a local N.I. person to provide some training and to be available to answer questions. Foster is already engaged in this. Clem to help. Expect to train Jon, Scott, Paul, Kenneth and anyone else interested. Further to report next meeting.

Space Planning

Second Bay is committed by the School. Gate ordered. We decided to set up the new bay (which will be somewhat smaller than the first) as a storage area and will use the original as a work area.


Foster Schucker was unable to attend, but provided a report in advance for this meeting.

Our old (and free) hosting provider (Viziweb) went down twice in July, the first time for 9 days; a brief return of service; then another 2 days down.

Foster was able to back-up the content during the return of service. We've moved the site to GoDaddy (at a cost of $4.95/month). The new site has been available since 24-July.

Foster submitted the site to Google to do a ful site map. It's also been submitted to the CD Team that is looking at the site from a judging standpoint.

Weekly backups of content are being performed.

Scott would like to add content for FLL - Clem will provide training on doing this.

Naming protocol is being followed for all new postings. No noticable activity on revising old postings.

Summer Schedule

Meetings will continue Tuesday and Wednesday evenings through 19-August. Scott may bring some Lego action in on Tuesdays. FRC meetings on Tuesdays & Wednesdays. Vex on Wednesdays. Not sure how many Mentor Training sessions are left (Tuesdays).

Dr. Jekyll vs. Mr. Hyde is scheduled for 22-August.

Fall Schedule

We will have weekly FRC meetings in the Fall, with an emphasis on practical training.

Robotics is on the agenda for Paul Hurley's first faculty meeting.


No progress on the Secretary position, as the job really isn't defined.

Agreed Faith is head mentor for Outreach.

Next meeting Firday 28-August 6:15 at DEC.