Steering Committee 2010-06-04

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1.Review of Steering Committee 2010-04-30 notes 2.Finance 3.Selection of new Steering Committee members

2010-2011 Member
Clem McKown (Chairman) - FRC Head Mentor
Paul Sabatino - FRC Head Mentor emeritus
Carly McKown - FRC co-Captain
Faith McKown - FRC Mentor
Jon Davis - FRC Mentor
Gary Deaver - FRC Mentor
Rita Wall - FRC Mentor
Foster Schucker - VRC / FRC Mentor
Robert Whalen - VRC Chief Roboteer
Scott Featherman - FLL Head Mentor, FRC Mentor

4.Selection of Team Officers

Carly McKown - FRC co-Captain
Matt Klufas - FRC co-Captain
Sasha Wall - FRC Safety Captain

5.Upcoming events and competitions

Pool Party June 26
IRI July 16-17
Upper Uwchlan June 19
Downingtown Day July 3
Uwchlan Days July 10
Franklin Institute October 9
Duel on the Delaware October 16
Ramp Riot November 13

6.Fund Raising Targets and Action Plan

Heather to send out the spreadsheet
Foster to work on Sponsor and Roboteer info form
Pay-pal link
October 23 Fund raiser
Bob working on QVC grant

7.Space - the final frontier

Near term (Sept)
STEM Academy Facility Meeting 5PM-7PM RM122 Milken Building
School Board Meeting at Downingtown East Libray - 7PM
Get Roboteers and PARENTS to the 7PM meeting
Long term (2010-2011)(Hope!)


Have registered and purchased 5 teams worth of stuff (1000,1001,1003,1004,1005)
They will have 4,5,6th graders


Have registered 10 teams (80,81,82,84,89,90,91,92,96,98)
Second event - do we want to run another one - Possible dates 6 or 20th November

10.Summer of Fun 2010 Plan

Google Sketchup / Sketchy Physics Workshops / CAD
Drive Base? (Tri-wheel stair climber? [1])
Grippy grabber Arm
Project Management Basics (Planning, timeboxing, mini-milestones)
Software Management - SDLC / version control
NURC Robot [2]
Comcam Project
Trailer repair - wire, tie downs, rust spots
Programming - software version control

11.IRI Team

Carley, Matt, Sasha, Ben R, Jen S, Doug M Maybe: Nicole
Clem, Faith, Foster, Rizzo, Siri, Heather, David Maybe: Rita
Mentors need to pay their own way
Faith will get a hotel
Car Reservation
Need to work on possessor
Need to work on autonomous

Next meeting June 25th - Place to be announced