Steering Committee 2011-07-28

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Attendees: F. Schucker, R. Wall, Sasha, S. Maley, C. McKown, F. McKown, S. Featherman, B. Whalen, R. Kulik, J. Christopher, G. Deaver, J. Kulik

New Space Update (Creamery Way-Waterloo)

  • No change, no timeline, no current objects/feedback
  • Investigating legal/insurance issues
DAR can add insurance riders if feedback (but can't & don't need to cover building)
  • J. Kulik check in, present specific date (before school star's 29-Aug)
  • Still need to pay for utilities
Set up to minimize heating (front office area only)
Torpedo heaters and kerosene? Need buy/donation: Gary
Unheated practice field, etc in back

Indiana Robotics Invitational (22-23 July)

  • First event since St. Louis (PARC & BR^2 canceled)
  • Good experience, but new driver
  • Lost communication with old driver - probably due to untaped sensor wire
  • Problems with D-Link
Mount electronics on shock absorbers
Write to FIRST


  • Lost Lionville Elementary space (Soneson working as library media specialist)
  • Springton Manner teams continue through DARC
  • 6 robots owned by DAR-FLL; 4 belong to Lionville
  • Looking to move in with Creamery Way space
Facility users chip in (like VEX)
DARC was $80/3 months ($160 total)
Need to determine for this season: likely $100-$150 total
  • Plan on 5 kids/team
  • Take everyone to Lansdale Catholic Meet


  • Want to start Tuesday after Labor Day
  • Need to start talking seriously with CCIU (deadline to chose CCIU versus Creamery Way?)
  • More new teams: plan 5 kids/team
  • Plan $200 fee due in full 2nd week; STEMRobotics need-based financing
Was $50/session (too chaotic)
Need $10,000 by Labor Day for new teams' equipment
  • Event Organization
Running middle school Qualifier on January 14th
FRC to provide some volunteers; likely not designers
Not running November Event
Running 2-3 league system mini-events at Creamery Way (throughout year before qualifier cutoff date)
Need to clear with facility
Need to check zoning with West Whiteland: F. Schucker

Summer/Fall Schedule

  • Design & CAD training - starting at McKowns'
  • Electronics summer/fall classes?
  • FRC registered for Duel on the Delaware & Ramp Riot
Driver tryouts at Duel; training at Ramp Riot
  • VEX at Ramp Riot Girls in Gear
  • Need to plan Pancake Breakfast - date?


  • Bentley, KenseyNash, Arkema: C. McKown
  • Siemens Grant: G. Deaver
  • 501c3: via F. Schucker
Need to close out last year's & this year's books: F. McKown
Takes time for IRS determination letter (low-end: 45 days for VEX)
  • STEMRobotics
Sponsoring VEX but not to last season's extent
Paying to set up DAR 501c3
Continue as acting 501c3 filter for DAR until then
  • Sponsorship Booklet: started by S. Wiessman & Ian - using Rolling Thunder model

Proposed FRC Manual Discussion

  • Need to encourage students to take initiative
Not easy, mentors & veterans need to help
Veterans still not comfortable
Set tone & expectations now, continue to reinforce
  • Membership requirements
Keep proposed hours system
How to log off-site hours?
Articulate signing off by Product Mentors, organized by Secretary
Proposed need to come 2xs/week, 1xs/weekend - conclusion?
  • Articulate buddy system
Veteran-Rookie pairs
Open communication plus check-in interviews during build season
Watch for overwhelming during build season
  • Articulate Scrum & meeting setup
Integration Team Lead = Lead Scrum Master
Product Team Leads = Scrum Masters
  • Student leaders responsible for continuity, organizing resources & documentation, etc
  • No video games
  • Suggest students set home at own expense if suspended/expelled on trip - vote?
Have doctor & parent releases
Past problems with venue notification
Unsure on insurance (but difficult to figure out)
  • How to handle sick students on trips?

FRC Organization

  • Post-mortems incorporated in early design training classes
  • Revisit (FIRST) core values at team meeting
  • Presentations & Awards
Need to practice presentation skills
At full-team design training (CDRs & FDRs)
Chairman's team runs new student orientation
Need to define & organize media team
Finish Chairman's essay, WFA, Dean's List submissions by kickoff (edit as needed)
Chairman's Video storyboard by mid-September
  • Cross-training requirements
Keep people learning, productive, occupied
Necessary qualifications for pit crew
Has worked in past
But some worry that it will drive students away
To be discussed at student-only meeting
  • Incorporate core values
Discussed at student-only meeting

Standing Questions

  • How to handle suspension/expulsion on trips? (suggested that students set home at own expense)
  • How to handle sick students on trips?
  • How to log off-site FRC student hours?
  • Attendance (Tier 1 & leadership), fundraising/recruitment/outreach, etc requirements?

Action Items: leaders

  • DAR
Get feedback & present specific to Creamery Way: J. Kulik
501c3 Setup: via F. Schucker
Close out last year's & this year's books: F. McKown
Pancake Breakfast date & planning: lead?
  • VEX
Talk to CCIU: F. Schucker, B. Whalen
Check VEX event hosting with Creamery Way: ?
Check zoning requirements for VEX events at Creamery Way: F. Schucker
  • FLL
FLL plan & fees: S. Featherman
  • FRC
Bentley, KenseyNash, Arkema Sponsorship: C. McKown
Siemens Grant: G. Deaver
Revised Manual draft: S. Maley
Student Announcement (3-Aug): C. McKown
FRC training
Programming: J. Christopher
Design: C. McKown, S. Maley
Electrical?: S. Featherman
Driver Tryouts: S. Maley
FRC recruitment: lead? (DASD rules: C. McKown)