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Molly & 54T Sprocket


What Worked

  • We won!
  • Barrier Crossing
  • Pivot Drive - but there are ease-of-use issues
  • Shooter - but did not use speed control
  • Manual aiming using camera - automatic aiming not tried
  • Lift logic seems okay

341 said that they picked us as an alliance partner because:

  1. Ability to cross the barrier
  2. Autononous
  3. They trusted us (the drive team)

Further, they inicated that we were:

  • Not arrogant
  • Tenacious
  • Coaches talk

What didn't

  • Bumpers
  • Fell off (fixed)
  • Too big (pool noodles too large diameter)
  • Too high
  • We shear mounting rivets (change to steel)
  • runs over balls
  • Bridge Arm
  • Did not allow us to get the bridge down to drive on
  • Eye-pokers should be addressed
  • Ball Lift
  • Excessive compression
  • Rails not anchored at top and actually crossed at one point
  • Beater bar too high & slow
  • Guide rails / funnel did not work - balls went under

Improvements needed

  • Easier (more intuitive) to drive & operate
  • Can we measure ball compressibility?
  • Lighter, more transparent covering
  • Auto aiming needed (needs to be fast & accurate)
  • Shooter speed control needed
  • Need a stronger and more reliable autonomous suite for Lenape

Action Plan

  • Get deux working - Featherman & Deaver this week
  • Retest 4-slot cRIO
  • Use 8-slot cRIO if 4-slot not working
  • Set up meetings with different focus - Mechanical / Programming / Training - w/ cross coverage to address issues
  • Identify where mass can be reduced - Kellom
  • Get vision processing & targeting working - Programming
  • Develop a bridge arm that works - McKown & Kulik
  • Fix Lift system - Deaver
  • Robot must be mechanically/electrically complete prior to arrival at Lenape
  • Rationalize driver controls

Bridge Arm Changes

The original Bridge Arm was entirely replaced with a new arm. The original arm was passive (robot momentum provided the motive force to lower the bridge) while the new arm is active (the arm provides the motive force).

Ball Lift

Beater Bar



Lift Belt


Shooter Control

Post-Hatboro-Horsham Photo Gallery