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Based on the following three photographs (out of more than 200 taken at Duel), our pivot angles still get confused from time to time. How can we debug this problem?

From an anecdotal standpoint, I think I've been seeing this a lot more than 3 in 200 times. It's actually fairly common when we're going for high maneuverability/tight corners. Some of it has been discrete mechanical problems (and some of it's when we run into things), but there appears to be a constant programming issue proportional to how quickly the driver changes inputs (which makes sense) and how slow the drive motors are moving. The former sometimes, but not always, remedies when we stop and reset. Can we actually compare the cRio's input joystick and output wheel values? Also, can we add the photo review to the post-match debrief? We may be missing a pattern here. --Siri 23:29, 18 October 2010 (UTC)