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What went well

  • We played well
  • Kira's nickname: "Stone cold killer"
  • High recognition and respect
  • Everyone loves our drive train
  • Mechanical reliability
  • We can dig the ball out
  • 83% autonomous reliability

What needs improvement

  • 83% autonomous reliability is not good enough
  • Winch strap knot untied
  • Load cell died (greased? Just died?)
  • Pitch to Judges - we've got "award leprosy"
  • Looking sharp as a team
  • not wearing uniform
  • sweatshirt in lieu of uniform
  • Jackets over uniform
  • No Fedoras
  • Decorum in the stands during award ceremony
  • Pit crew needs to be defined
  • We will need scouts like crazy at St. Louis
  • Ask to scout with 25?
  • Driving for traffic control

Desperately Needs Fixing

  • Award leprosy