Team 1640 2011 Fall Practice Kickoff

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Team 1640 kicked off its fall design training with an mock FRC kickoff on Saturday, 17 September from 10AM-5PM. We reintroduced the 2003 game, Stack Attack for this exercise. For the Kick-off, we:

  • Played the Video
  • Read the rules
  • Simulated the game using StudentBots on a full-scale field - several iterations as appreciation of strategic options were developed.
  • Set up a 1/7th-scale mock-up field table, with scale crates and robots - using this as a further game-play test-bed allowing quick simulation for testing what-if scenarios.
  • Brainstormed game-play ideas (the WHATS, not the HOWS)
  • Presented and shared ideas - tested them and synthesized new ideas and approaches.
  • Eventually came to a tentative game strategy consensus.


This is answer to the question: How will we play the game and win. At this stage, the hows are not addressed.
From a parsing standpoint, the team considered scoring, de-scoring and defending as three completely separate actions whereas descoring is preventing your opponants from scoring and whereas defending is protecting your alliance score from the opposition.
A lot of great ideas were explored, shared and tested. The StudentBot and Mock-up fields were both used as tools for this purpose.
We did come to a strategy at the end of the session, but rrevisited this at the nest meeting, where a lot of new thinking emerged (not surprising, given the time to think things over). The articulated strategy emerged at the end of the follow-up meeting.


Students: Sasha, Douglas, Andrew, Nikole, Molly, Mike M, Ian, Jack, Garrison, Yahya, Ben, Kira, Lucy, Patrick, Karl, Sarah, Adam

Mentors: Julie Christopher, Gary Deaver, Ben Kellom, Siri Maley, Clem McKown, Faith McKown, Mike Rizzo, Scott Featherman, Rita Wall, John Weissman, John Stumpo

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