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DB2 R² Carly Josh 061118 csm.jpg

Name: Carly
Grade: 12th
Years in Robotics: 4
Position: Co-Captain and Lead student of the Competition Team

Robotics has taught me a lot and I enjoy participating in the events. I found out about the Robotics Team from my eldest sister who had Mr. Sabatino as a homeroom teacher a year after he started the team at our school.

Also check out the Chairmans Award Creation Page for some of my work with presenting the Chairmans Award in 2010 and 2011



Here's a list of the team Robots I have worked on


I've been to a variety of robotics competitions, on and off-season. Some of them are:

(BR)^2 Monty Madness PARC Ramp Riot Duel on the Delaware
Philadelphia Regional ** Connecticut Regional ** FingerLakes Regional ** Annapolis Regional ** IRI
FIRST Championships