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Hi, my name is Gary Deaver.

I am new to team 1640, joining in September 2009. While new to 1640, I am a veteran FIRST mentor from 2002 when I joined team 104 with my son.


  • Graduated from Henderson High School 1976
  • Graduated from West Chester University in 1982.
    • Degree in Accounting
    • Minor in Computer Science


  • Worked for Aurthur Anderson 1 year
  • Interned and work for a division of GE Aerospace on and off till 1983
  • After these jobs I came to the conclusion that an office cubical is actually a prison cell. I like to be out moving. I made the decision to join the family business - A.E. Deaver and Son Plumbing and Heating. Worked with my father until he retired in 2000. So now there is just me running around keeping the bad stuff flowing down hill.


In 2002 my son Mark came home from school with a permission form to join West Chester Area School Districts FIRST robotics team. I signed it having no idea what was about to change in my life. About week 2 of the build season, Mark came home from a build session begging me to come to the next meeting to help. So I went. Since then I have been totally obsessed with FIRST robotics. After, Team 104's 2009 season it became apparent that for many reasons the FIRST program would not continue in 2010. Being obsessed and committed to the FIRST program, I tracked down the Downingtown group in September 2009 and here I am.

Personal Philosophy of Life

Everyone needs their own person Philosophy toward life. Religion can be part of it but, I would encourage individuals to go deeper. I'm going to share a part of my philosophy toward life.

  • I am an optimistic pessimist. I am optimistically certain that everything is going to go wrong. Because I know everything is going to screw up, I plan and prepare for it so that when it happens I do not get upset and depressed. I'm ready for it. I knew it was going to happen. If nothing goes wrong then I can be really, really happy that things actually worked out. If you think this is a warped view of life, then you should understand that I am a small business man and repair mechanical things. They may have warped me. It's the S^^t happens thing. So now that you have read this you may want to contemplate the DEAVER Philosophy when during the build season everything is going wrong.