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Downingtown teams 80 and 81 at the 2010 VEX World Championships!
Team 80's Mike Long and Christina Drexel with Mythbuster Grant Imahara congratulates Steve Rhoads and Foster Schucker (Not Pictured) on winning VEX 2010 Mentors of the Year!

WELCOME NEW STUDENTS & PARENTS! If you are interested in the Downingtown Area Robotics program you are in the right place!

The first event of the new year is being held this Saturday September 25th and the VEXMEN will be there! If you are interested in learning more about the event or checking out the Downingtown Area Robotics program please stop by 122 Wallace Ave (use the back entrance) for our build night this Wednesday. Come drive a robot!

Parents meeting is September 28th in the Library of Downingtown West High School at 6:30PM.

The 2010-2011 Downingtown Area Robotics Vex program is now the VEX-MEN! Keep and eye here for more news about our new name in the coming weeks.

This years game is Round Up! It was announced at the 2010 Vex World Championships and we were there to see it! The teams had an amazing experience meeting and playing against teams from around the world not to mention R2D2 and Discovery Channel MythBuster Grant Imahara! Look for more pictures and stories from the event soon.

Congratulations to our head mentors Steve Rhoads and Foster Schucker for winning the 2010 VEX Mentor of the Year award! We knew Downingtown Area Robotics is fortunate enough to have the leadership and guidance of world class robotics mentors, now we have proof!

We are all hard at work planning big things this year so keep checking back here for updates.

Fall Events 2010

Chichester VEX

September 25th at Chichester Middle School. This is the first competition for our summer program roboteers, come cheer them on!

DC Knights VEX

October 9th at Delaware County Christan School in Newtown Square. This is the second competion for the summer roboteers!

Ramp Riot

November 12th - our first demos to the Girl Scout, Girls in Gear program! - Come help us spread the word on how cool robots are!

Downingtown VEX

November 20th! Our first big event for all the roboteers! Watch this space!

Other Activities

We are doing a number of VEX Cub Scout Demos at scout camps in the area. Get details at any of our Wednesday meetings.