Alien vs. Predator 2009

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Alien vs. Predator - June 20, 2009

We will be running back to back events this day. Come play Elevation in the morning and Face Off in afternoon. FTC, VRC robots welcome to play either game. Doors open at 8AM, first match is at 9AM


Pick the rule set you want to use. If you pick VRC then your robot must conform to the basic VRC rule for Elevation to play in both contests (i.e.. Only VEX parts, one battery, etc.) Likewise if you pick FTC rules, then you must conform to the FTC rules for Face Off to play in both contests. You may compete in one or both of the contests.

There will not be autonomous for either event. We will be going old school on the driving, the referee will go 1-2-3 Start to begin the 2 minute driving period for both contests. 3-2-1 STOP will end, and drivers are to stop driving at that point. FTC robots should make sure the have a solid Blue Tooth connection, competition crystals will be available for the VRC robots.

June 1, 2009

VEX Senior Roboteer Dan Bush and his father Bud took the lead in getting the field pieces assembled. They spent about 5 hours last weekend getting the parts cut and painted. On Monday night, Dan, Bud, Matt Rusnak, Faith McKown, Steve Rhoads and Foster Schucker spent another 4 hours doing the final assembly. We have a few adjustments to make, but the field for Face Off is ready to go!