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Work in Progress

The Competition Team includes all members of the team interested in attending events and capable of behaving in a Graciously Professional (i.e. positive) manner. Roles include drive team, pit crew, scouting crew, spirit liaisons, and/or event volunteers. Here you're find the description and selection process for each role.


Roles shown in green are already filled for the 2013 season (but require verification/remaining in good standing). Roles in bold are leadership positions requiring veteran status and superior Gracious Professionalism to represent the team.

Drive Team
  • Driver: (base driver) maneuver the robot around the field during each match
  • Operator: (co-driver) work the various robot scoring mechanisms depending on the game
  • Human Player: perform the annual human player roles determined by FIRST. May or may not be physically active.
  • Coach: strategize before and during matches with other teams, calls plays for the drivers, and mentors drive team.
  • Backup Team(s): the backup team includes all above roles. They must pass the same tests but generally meet only half the practice time. However, the base Driver(s) also drive regularly to help the primary driver practice playing with and against other robots. Operators and/or coaches may also participate in these sessions, largely depending on the game/season.

Pit Crew
  • Pit Captain: manages the crew and all robot maintenance and repair operations
  • Safety Captain: ensures team safety (everywhere) and liaises with Safety Advisers
  • Battery Manager: crew member also responsible for ensuring our robot batteries are charged and operable
  • Mechanical Crew: handles the mechanical needs of the robot and liaises with robot judges on mechanical issues
  • Electrical Crew: handles the electrical needs of the robot and liaises with robot judges on electrical issues
  • Programming Crew: handles the programming needs of the robot and liaises with robot judges on programming issues
  • Judge Liaison(s): potentially a crew member(s) also responsible for handling all judges' interaction (answer all basic questions and handle referrals to other pit members)
  • Pit Supervisor: mentor who supervises the pit crew and operations, also final determiner of repair priorities (based on match strategy)

Scouting Crew
  • Lead Scout(s): manages scouting crew
  • Match Scouts: watch matches to gain information about other teams
  • Team Scouts/Liaisons: meet other teams to gain information about their robot/team and share information about ourselves
  • Scouting Mentor: directs scouting crew

Spirit Liaisons
  • Stand Cheerers: meets other teams, watch matches and spread excitement!
  • Team Liaisons/Scouts: meets other teams to gain information about their robot/team and share information about ourselves

  • Chairman's Presenters: create, share internally and present to judges the team's [Chairmans Award Creation|Chairman's Award Submission]


Event volunteers may not spend all their time with our team, but they contribute greatly to the event to benefit all teams! All volunteers must be approved by the competition's Volunteer Coordinator as well as 1640 leadership.

  • Field Reset: resets and fixes the game field, gets a field-side view and to see lots of robots
  • Queuer/etc: helps get teams to matches on time, gets a floor view and to meet many teams and see lots of robots
  • Pit Admin: helps teams get done what they need to in the pits (navigate, answer questions, organize, get parts, etc), gets work with others, meet and help lots of teams, officials, etc.
  • VIP Escorts: escort VIPs around the competition, present and represent the FIRST program, answer questions, etc. Potentially open to highly qualified rookies.


  • B = Basic, A = Advanced
  • (W) = Written, (V) = Verbal, (H) = Hands-on
  • [bracketed] hours for drive team indicate hours for backup teams.
Job Attend (hrs) Practice (hrs) Game (W) Robot (W) Team (W) Judge (V) Safety (V/H) Match (H) Pit (H)
Driver 100 [60] 30 [15] Base 10 [10] DB9 A B B B B A B
Operator 100 [60] - 10 [5] DB9
HP 100 [60] 20 [10] -
Coach 150 [75] 10 [5] 40 Prep A A A A A A A
Pit Captain 120 10 10 Mgmt B B - A A - A
Safety Captain 120 10 5 Safety N/A A - A
Battery Manager 100 3 Battery
Mechanical 100 10 - B A A A A - A
Judge Liaison(s) 120 10 20 A A A All B - B
Team Runner 60 5 - B B B B B - B