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(Week One (1/6-1/12))
(Week One (1/6-1/12))
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:*Started mapping resources to functions
:*Started mapping resources to functions
:*Started articulating functional specifications
:*Started articulating functional specifications
[[DEWBOT_IX_Week_One_Build_Season_Photo_Gallery#Saturday_January_12.2C_2013|'''Saturday 12-January''']]
[[DEWBOT_IX_Week_One_Build_Season_Photo_Gallery#Saturday_January_12.2C_2013|'''Saturday 12-January''']]
:*Ocelot on DB8 (or 7)
:*Weld pyramid
:*Rough cut pivot plate metal
:*Test 6” & 4” shooter – incld magazine integration
:*Refine magazine prototype - corner exit
:*Different magazine prototype – incld upside-down
:*Build Pyramid Goal, wall goals and feeder (priority order)
:*Lead screw climbing tests & envelope check
:*Drive a robot up a pole & other caterpillar climbing tests
:*Disassemble previous pivots for parts
;[[DEWBOT IX Week One Build Season Photo Gallery]]
;[[DEWBOT IX Week One Build Season Photo Gallery]]

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The 2013 build season starts hard on the heels of an unexpected and very fast move from 427 Creamery Way, Exton to 122 Oscar Way, Chester Springs. we're still setting up shop even as we head off to kick-off. My old friend Nietzsche used to say: What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. I sure hope so...

Because we'll need it! Build season is the heart of the FRC year. It is the 45 days during which the team's students and mentors put their hearts, minds and hands into designing and building a great robot. The time is both far too short and much too long.

This page contains a day by day breakdown of what we did. Dates hyper-links go to the corresponding photo gallery.


  • On Saturday, January 5th, team 1640 students, parents and mentors drove to Upper Darby High School on to see the objectives of the 2013 game revealed, examine a mock-up of this year’s play pieces up close, and pick up our kit of parts.
  • Clem McKown gave a pneumatics seminar to a packed audience
  • We returned to Oscar Way and reviewed rules (shop & game)
  • Studentbots simulated the game
  • A number of potential strategies (King Kong, Feeder, LowBot, Mid Dunker & High Shooter - not necessarily mutually exclusive) were developed to help guide our prototyping efforts.

Week One (1/6-1/12)

Sunday 6-January

  • Set up the Ben Table as a 1/7th scale model of the Ultimate AscentSM competition field.
  • Developed several potential approaches to climb the pyramid
  • Studied a lot of frisbee shooter videos & designs
  • Identified several different shooter approaches
  • Started prototyping shooter mechanisms
  • Built a partion of the pyramid for climbing tests
  • Set up goal targets
  • Inventoried Kit of Parts (all present & accounted for)

Monday 7-January

  • Shooter prototype (arc shooter) is working pretty well
  • Kellom Klimb concept under development
  • Magazine prototype built & tested
  • Preliminary planning done by the programming team (see programming projects)

Tuesday 8-January

  • Electrical service run for the mill & welder (thank you, Keares Electrical, Inc!)
  • Corner climb concept under development
  • Magazine development promising
  • Goals being built
  • Tank drive code on 6WD bot re-done and tested
  • Quadrature encoder code testing underway on programming sensor/test board

Wednesday 9-January

  • Arc shooter prototype is berforming well
  • Kellom Klimb prototype simplified
  • Corner climb math developed
  • Magazine taken further
  • Arc Shooter working very well, thank you
  • Welder working first time since Waterloo. Kira & Marina are welding graduates
  • Retro-reflective target for targeting system development made and preliminary target system code started
  • Programmers began converting 2012 code to 2013 framework, starting with 6WD tank drive and sensor/test board programs

Thursday 10-January

  • Articulated key robot strategies & objectives
  • Drive-train decision made (Pivots!)
  • Set key programming objectives
  • Started cutting and welding for pyramid
  • Switching shooter prototypes (4" & 6" wheel versions) to HiGrip wheels
  • Started mapping resources to functions
  • Started articulating functional specifications

Saturday 12-January

  • Ocelot on DB8 (or 7)
  • Weld pyramid
  • Rough cut pivot plate metal
  • Test 6” & 4” shooter – incld magazine integration
  • Refine magazine prototype - corner exit
  • Different magazine prototype – incld upside-down
  • Build Pyramid Goal, wall goals and feeder (priority order)
  • Lead screw climbing tests & envelope check
  • Drive a robot up a pole & other caterpillar climbing tests
  • Disassemble previous pivots for parts

DEWBOT IX Week One Build Season Photo Gallery

Bag and Tag

Tuesday, 19-February is the end of build season. We need to bag and tag our competition robot before midnight.