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Student Lead: Molly

Student Sub-Lead: Jack

Student Team Members: Kira, Tobi, Lucy

Mentors: Ben Kellom, Siri Maley, Clem McKown

New SolidWorks disks are in (28-Nov-2012)

Our licences to last year's SolidWorks come to an end at the end of 2012. We've just received (4) new SolidWorks 2012-2013 disks for up to 39 licenses for the coming year, graciously donated by Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp. Make sure you pick up disks for installation. We have a strict disk sign-out process this year (we need the disks back!). Licenses are for FRC 1640 members only. SolidWorks is far and away the world's leading 3D CAD design software.

Build Season Organization

Main Mechanism

During build season, the CAD team is responsible for integrating the data from the Mechanical, Electrical and Programming teams and filling in the design details to complete a final, comprehensive computer model for those teams as well as the Machinists and Welders. Siri Maley and Clem McKown will oversee this development, CADing and parsing and guiding projects within each interested student's capabilities.

Checks & Balances
  • Integration: Runs integration procedures between the leads of all robot teams to ensure an optimized, fully functional design.
  • Maintenance: Runs "Check Meetings" with the Provisional Pit Crew at least once per week to examine maintenance and accessibility requirements. The Provisional Pit Crew (veteran pit members, whether or not they run with the 2013 Crew) is responsible for 'thinking through' pit operations with the presented CAD and identifying potential issues.
  • Aesthetics: Runs "Check Meetings" with the Spirit Team to ensure we have a passable form factor. While secondary to functionality, we've understand that form factor matters for several reasons:
  1. A unified brand makes us more memorable to scouts and drive teams
  2. Sponsors want to have prominent placement on good-looking robots
  3. Students like building and joining good-looking robots' teams
  4. Good-looking robots get picked more often and taken more seriously

Additional Responsibilities
  • Digital Feedback: Posts routinely updated designs via appropriate digital media (private Facebook, email blast, website, public Facebook - will vary as design develops) for feedback. Hard copies will also be available at meetings (potentially updated less often due to expense).
  • Meeting Feedback: Ensures full team input into the design via formal or informal meetings throughout build season. These are separate from the limited-attendance Integration and Check meetings described above.
  • Fabrication Oversight: Coordinates with the fabrication teams to ensure each component's fabrication, tolerances and implementation are understood as well as its function within the full design. Drawings should include tolerances and full model views where appropriate. No one should ever be making a part whose function they do not understand!
  • Competition Prep: Provides judging discussion points to quiz students and helps develop robot-related competition selection test questions, judging and alliance materials, etc.