DEWBOT VIII Season Post-Mortem

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The DEWBOT VIII Season Post-Mortem was conducted on 25 July 2012. The team has begun to employ root cause analysis (Ishikawa) to enhance post-mortem improvement plans.

Post-Mortem Attendees

Students: Andrew, Sasha, Doug, Molly, Kira, Mike, Pat D, Yahya, Ian, Jack, Ken
Mentors: Clem McKown, Ben Kellom, Gary Deaver, Rita Wall, Siri Maley (in absentia: Julie Christopher)
Facilitator: Siri Maley



  • Find/Learn/Embrace/Sell our "niche" as the Swiss Army Knife (aka Jersey/MAR style play)
We're looking for ways to effectively plan for and market this throughout the season, from Kickoff-day strategy to IRI alliance selection, including incorporating it into our functional goals and game perspectives and infusing it in our motto, logo, media and promotional material (POC: Gary et al).
  • Lower the STDEV and up the Mean
We do a lot of things (see above), but unfortunately changing roles so regularly means that we have relatively few opportunities to prove that we preform each well. For instance, at IRI we regularly switched between feeding, defense and shooting, but went from scoring 4 to scoring 0 and feeding 6 to feeding 2 in various matches due to primarily mechanical issues. This leaves other teams' unsure of how we'd preform in elimination matches, and is a large part of why we are not selected (POC: Siri, Ian).
  • Expand volunteering and outreach
Many students have expressed interest in volunteering at both FRC and FLL events, in addition to several mentors that already do so. We will be volunteering at FLL events on November 17 and December 8 (POC: Rita), and are pursuing volunteer opportunities at FRC events potentially including September 15 (POC: Siri). We are continuing our current outreach events and pursuing further opportunities (POC: Rita et al).
  • Fundraising
We need it! Several grants are in the works (POC: Kulik et al), and the FLL events should net an FRC profit (POC: Rita) in addition to our other standard fundraisers. Students have expressed interest in a long-term fundraiser as well.
  • Recruiting
We need that too! We are working at making summer training more engaging and preparatory for new recruits (POC: Siri, Julie C), are conducting more in-school demos, working with organizations including alternative schooling and boy scouts and recruiting from the FIRST/DAR pipeline (POC: Debbie, Rita, John, Clem et al).
  • Business Plan
  • Spirit (POC: Rizzo)
  • Website (POC: Ken)

Goals (Student)

  • Scholarships
  • Career Paths & Skills
  • Lasting Friends / Someplace to Come Back to
  • Public Speaking
  • Cross-Training (including welding, design, milling)
  • Win!

Specific Plans

    • Mini robot project (See TouchdownTango)
    • Drive straight in auton (lets try the bridge!)
    • More people learn programming & electrical
    • Let's design!!