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Head Mentor: Gary Deaver

Student Lead: They all lead at some time.

Team: There is no formal student drive train team. Except for a couple of programmers, I have managed to get just about ever student to do something on the drive train. It truly was a team effort and a major one at that. The pivot drive has proven to be the most complex and precise project team 1640 has taken on. As of Tuesday week five the drive train mechanical can be consider done. The programming team now has to make the robot dance. Go programmers.

Design Team Postings 1-Jan

Up-to-date provisional Pivot Drive Chassis Drawings were posted 1-January on the Design Team page.

Design Team Posting 13-Jan

Analysis of BUMP traverse with a proposed Chassis having 4" wheels and 28" wheelbase is available on the Design Team page.

Drive-Train Inspection & Chain Tensioners - 10-April - Clem

Gary Deaver & Clem McKown inspected the drive-train this morning. The temporary steering chain tensioner was removed and examined and (3) nylon tensioners installed.

There were no significant signs of wear or damage. Pivot 4 does not stand out, mechanically, other than in having a tensioner. This tensioner showed low wear upon inspection. With the tensioner, the steering chain was not noticably the loosest steering chain.

Nylon tensioners were installed on (3) of the steering chains (1, 3 & 4). These tensioners basically eliminated chain backlash (some steering motor gearbox backlash remains).

During driving practice afterwards, problems were still experienced with erratic behavior on pivot 4. This wheel was often out of alignment and the tread wore heavily during the day. Wear on the other three treads is light. All treads were changed before shipping. Tread 4 was also changed just prior to Drexel elimanation matches. Tread 4 needs changing again and the other three are still okay. Steering motors got hot. We did a lot of driving (untill we exhausted all batteries even with recharging).

All 4 Cherry sensors had cracked housings. This was probably caused by ball intrusion.

Over all the drive train showed little wear.