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Team 1640 finished our first Indiana Robotics Invitational ranked 31 of 78 (62%) with a 4-3-1 record. Though we were not chosen for eliminations, this is still a fantastic performance for our first IRI, playing among some the top teams in FIRST.
If it's any indication, the actual elimination matches were very hard fought. Of the 7 rounds, only 2 took the minimum 2 matches. Two rounds took four matches, and one even took five, with 2 ties and 1 win by the eventual non-advancing alliance. A total of 703 points were scored in those elimination rounds. That's over 130 points more than all the matches at the entire Finger Lakes Regional combined.

Qualification Matches


Match 7
1640, 48, and 1732 lost a very close and hard fought match to 45, 294, and 51 with a score of 12 to 13. We could have been more helpful (the kicker was rather anemic), but it was a great showing against international champions 294!
Drive Team: Carly, Sasha, Andrew, Clem
Match 15
1640, 148, and 1114 beat 1714, 118, and 1718 15 to 11--talk about seeding points! (We ranked 7th at one point today.) An excellent match with an great alliance against another fine triad: this is what IRI is all about!
Drive Team: Carly, Sasha, Andrew, Clem
Match 32
1640, 359, and 573 cleaned up an a fantastic 10 to 5 match against 171, 141, and 1592. We did excellently in this match: a virtual shut-out (one ball scored on us) of not one but two robots in their home zone. This impressed people. Well done, drive team! Also, great adaption the kicker being jammed: on-the-spot change in defensive strategy from block & clear to just block--very effectively. We couldn't get over the bump with the kicker stuck, but easily cleared the tunnel.
Drive Team: Carly, Sasha, Andrew, Siri
Match 40
1640, 2826, and 1675 beat 1058, 135, and 1038 in a close 10 to 8. Again, we played excellent defense, often with 3 robots attempting to score on us, 1058 very reliably from the mid zone. Wonderful drive team coordination--we know what's going on on the field, and we know how to deal with it. The webcast starts at 0:40:43
Drive Team: Carly, Sasha, Andrew, Siri
Match 57
We really are a tri-zone robot. We pretty much finished proving that is this match, when 1640, 2062, and 1625 shut down 1902, 1646, and 116 by 15 to 4. Now that's a score! A good deal (I lost track myself - Siri) of those were ours from the home zone. The kicker's still anemic, but that's ok from the home zone, and we're back to controlling it by and large. To round it off, some fantastic on-the-spot alliance communication allowed us to set a pick on our defender, pinning them (legally) against the wall so 1625 could score in our other goal. The webcast starts at 2:45:40.
Drive Team: Carly, Sasha, Andrew, Siri
Match 67
Well, you can't win 'em all--especially when you're playing against international champions Team 67. 1640, 503, and 1529 lost a bitter 2 to 12 against 67, 888, and 70. On the bright side, we scored all the alliance goals that match--all three. On the more aphotic side, we also scored the penalty. As impressive as our new possessor is, the Lo Bar has taken quite a beating--we managed to push it down so far that we ate a ball. Rough match all around--we flickered in and out of communication so quickly that the wheels appeared to return to Medieval Europe for St. Vitus' Dance. We've really got to fix the Classmate problem. The webcast starts at 0:19:20.
Drive Team: Carly, Sasha, Andrew, Siri


Match 83
Now that's driving! 1640 helped 1538, and 343 to pull out a 13 to 8 victory over 980, 829, and 2194 without our Hi/Lo possessor. After we ate our first ball and got a rough look from a referee, I called off use of the possessor. Later testing on the practice field could not mimic the circumstances or explain why we ate it, though we did so again in our next match. Right choice or not, Carly and Sasha both took it in strike without complaint. We still managed to score probably at least half a dozen balls via herding and non-possessor kicking from the near zone. We've really got to sort this out, but at least we can could handle it in the near term. Very few teams strike well without a functioning possessor (granted, most have a functioning possessor). Still, this is good to know. Well done team! The webcast starts at 1:17:45.
Drive Team: Carly, Sasha, Andrew, Siri
Match 97
This time good driving wasn't quite enough. Though to be fair, a working possessor probably wouldn't have been enough either. 1640, 1024, and 399 lost a hard fought battle to 1501, 2081, and 2337 with a score of 7 to 13. The webcast starts at 2:42:37.
Drive Team: Carly, Sasha, Andrew, Siri

Mentor Matches

One relatively unique feature of IRI is that they hold a mentor match tournament. In this competition, the drivers and human players and mentors and the coach must be a student. 18 volunteer teams form 6 alliances and play an elimination bracket (alliances 1 & 2 get a quarterfinals buy) with each round consisting of 2 matches. The highest total score (match 1 + match 2) advances. This year, Team 1640 managed to acquire the 5th Alliance Captain position (represented by Clem) via a silent auction donation of $48. We chose teams 294 and 1018 from a pick list made up (in both senses of the phrase) by Siri. Our alliance made the semifinals and it was great to work with international champions 294 and regional semifinalists 1018. Unfortunately, 294 had to drop out in the mentor match semifinals, but they managed to get back on track for the actual quaterfinals and put up quite a fight (a four match fight at that).

Match 2
We eeked out a victory here, 6 to 8 against Alliance 6. Clem drove, Siri operated, Carly coached, and Rizzo human player-ed. This is harder than it looks (and it looks pretty hard). Luckily, Alliance 6 seems even more lost than we are. (Which is impressive, considering how many directional issues there are in a 4 wheel, 3-mode pivot bot.) The webcast starts at 0:13:24.
Match 4
That's better. 1018 got in the striker groove (and we mostly managed to stay out of their way), leading to a 17 to 10 victory. Still, nice score. We're going to the semifinals! Clem drove, Siri operated, and Carly coached again, with Foster filling in as human player. The webcast starts at 0:28:00.
Match 6

We're down a robot! Guess that sort of explains the score: 8 to 1. Siri drove with Clem operating and Carly coaching, and Faith and Rizzo as human players, one filling in for 294's rather busy mentors. The webcast starts at 0:43:22.

Match 8

Still down a robot, still down the points. This time it's 10 to 4 with Rizzo driving, Siri operating, Carly coaching, and Clem and Rita as human players. Still, a fun time by all.

1640's Overall Statistics

Ed Law of Team 2834 was kind enough to create and publish the OPR and score stats for IRI 2010. 1640 ranked quite well, considering the depth of the field.

Team: 1640
Rank: 31 of 78
Seeding Score Coopertition Hang W-L-T Qual Avg Score OPR OPR Rank Avg WM CCWM CCWM Rank
1640's 200 76 6 4-3-1 3.5 3.4 36 of 78 0.4 0.7 33 of 78
Minimum 99 0 0 0-0-8 1.8 -2.1 -2.8 -7.8
Maximum 296 (by 330) 140 (by 330) 22 (still by 330) 7-0-1 (by 234) 7.1 (by 469) 14.3 (by 469) 5.5 (still by 469) 15.8 (still 469)

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