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== People ==
== People ==

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DEWBOT X concept? Will it pass inspection?
The 2013 Einstein mis-scoring incident got the team riled (without blame to FIRST's handling of the situation, which was entirely fair and appropriate). Immediately after 2013 FRC Championships, and with fire in our bellies, the team set a single, hard goal: Go back to Einstein in 2014 and do it right. Strong words. Tough goal. While there is no way to guarantee that we will even qualify for Championships in 2014, no less find ourselves on Einstein again, this objective will determine our actions from the day it was made through the 2014 competition season.

Can it really be ten years?

Other Events

I love it when a plan comes together!
DAR FLL Scrimmage
The team hosted an FLL scrimmage on 23-November-2013 at the CCIU TCHS. 18 area teams participated.
Downingtown Area Robotics-TCHS-Penn FLL Qualifying Event 2013 - 7-December-2013
Downingtown's second annual FIRST LEGO League Qualifying Event was held on 7 December, 2013 at the CCIU TCHS Brandywine Campus in Downingtown, PA. This competition was hosted by Downingtown Area Robotics to allow area FLL teams to compete and qualify for the Penn FLL Championship in this year's game, NATURE'S FURYSM.
Congratulations to teams 763 (Robo Engineers), 1503 (Notre Dame) and 14042 (Ciberneticos), who qualified for the Penn FLL Championship Tournament.





Team Sab-BOT-age is what it is only due to the efforts of the people involved. DEWBOT VIII's success will be in the hands of the students, mentors and parents engaged. The team's very existence is possible only through the gracious generosity of our sponsors.

DEWBOT X Students
DEWBOT X Mentors
Sponsors 2014

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