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This page contains a day by day breakdown of what we did. Dates hyper-links go to the corresponding photo gallery.

Week One (1/9-1/16)

Sunday 9-January - Kickoff

Sunday 10-January - Brainstorming

Monday 11-January

Tuesday 12-January

Wednesday 13-January

Friday 15-January

Saturday 16-January

DEWBOT XII Week One Build Season Photo Gallery

Week Two (1/17-1/23)

Sunday 17-January

Monday 18-January

Tuesday 19-January

Wednesday 20-January

Thursday 21-January

Blizzard Jonas resulted in the cancellation of four consecutive meetings - 22-25 January!

DEWBOT XII Week Two Build Season Photo Gallery

Week Three (1/24-1/30)

Tuesday 26-January

Wednesday 27-January

Thursday 28-January

Friday 29-January

Saturday 30-January

DEWBOT XII Week Three Build Season Photo Gallery

Week Four (1/31-2/6)

Sunday 31-January

Monday 1-February

Tuesday 2-February

Wednesday 3-February

Thursday 4-February

Friday 5-February

Saturday 6-February

DEWBOT XII Week Four Build Season Photo Gallery

Week Five (2/7-2/13)

Sunday 7-February

Monday 8-February

Tuesday 9-February

Wednesday 10-February

Thursday 11-February

Friday 12-February

Saturday 13-February

DEWBOT XII Week Five Build Season Photo Gallery

Week Six (2/14-2/20)

Sunday 14-February

Monday 15-February

Tuesday 16-February

Wednesday 17-February

Thursday 18-February

Friday 19-February

Saturday 20-February

DEWBOT XII Week Six Build Season Photo Gallery

Final Daze (2/21-2/23)

Sunday 21-February

Monday 22-February

Tuesday 23-February

DEWBOT XII Final Daze Build Season Photo Gallery