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Team photo following award ceremony
Held at Lawrence North High School in Indianapolis, Indiana 17 & 18 July-2015. The Indiana Robotics Invitational (IRI) is a unique unofficial FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) event, drawing together the very best FRC teams from around the country and beyond in an "All Star" competition. Participation is by invitation only and competitive success is the acceptance criteria. The level of competitive play is astounding. There are no mediocre robots at IRI.

FRC 1640 has had the very good fortune in participating in IRI every year starting 2010. It has always been an awesome experience for us and has provided an enormous incentive to improve our performance. But we had never hitherto participated in elimination matches at IRI. But this has changed.

Our sincerest thanks go out to FRC Team 118 (Alliance Captain - Robonauts, Houston TX) and 2826 (Wave Robotics, Oshkosh WI) for inviting Sab-BOT-age to join the 3rd alliance in eliminations (and 67 - Heroes of Tomorrow, Milford/White Lake MI - for completing the alliance). This alliance was absolutely outstanding!

Together, the 3rd alliance made it to IRI Finals. We were defeated in a very close and hard-fought match by 7 points (345 vs 338). The fact that we scored 338 points and lost gives a clear picture of the level of competition.

Congratulations to the winning 2nd alliance: 2056 (OP Robotics, Stoney Creek, Ontario CN), 1023 (Bedford Express, Temperance MI), 1806 (S.W.A.T., Smithville MO) & 2502 (Talon Robotics, Eden Prairie MN) for their well-deserved victory.

This has been an enormous accomplishment for the team. Getting to this point has been very hard work and has required that we work effectively together as a team. Accomplishments like this show some of the reward for this effort.

Robot Evolution

During the competition, a back guide was installed to prevent the loss of RCs during transport and scoring. This was very effective.

Software issues around the NavX (relating to "Robot don't tip" and 3-Tote Autonomous) were resolved (or at least band-aided).


Drive Team

  • Eric
  • Dana
  • Abbilyn
  • Ryan (Coach)
  • Larry Dodds (Coach)


  • Laura (Lead Scout)
  • Lucy (Mentor)
  • Bryan Schwenk (Mentor)
  • Madi
  • Sullivan
  • Ian
  • Matthew L
  • Matthew S


  • Paul (Pit Captain)
  • Andrew Weissman (Mentor)
  • Larry Dodds (Mentor)
  • Joshua
  • Nicholas
  • Paul Klufas (Mentor)


  • Faith McKown (Mentor)


  • David Moyer
  • Gwen Moyer
  • Marty Wyatt
  • Karin Schwenk
  • Clem McKown (Media)

Match Video

Qualification Match 15 Qualification Match 30 Qualification Match 41 Qualification Match 55 Qualification Match 66 Qualification Match 78 Qualification Match 89

Quarterfinal Match 6

Semifinal Match 1 Semifinal Match 3 Semifinal Match 6

Final Match 1 Final Match 2

IRI Photo Gallery

National Museum of the US Air Force Photo Gallery