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FRC 1640's robot for Destination: DEEP SPACE.

Some notable 2019 achievements are: FRC 2019 Calendar


Such an awesome game. Thanks GDC! But we lost so much talent with the twenty (20) 2018 graduates, more than half the team. Does the team still have the right stuff? Are we worthy? Is institutional knowledge stronger than high turnover? Will the next generation step up and make its mark?

I guess we'll see. Stay tuned.

Design Details

Strategic Objectives
  • Able to scale HAB Level 2 or 3 in <20 sec
  • Rapidly score Hatches & Cargo at all levels with <1 sec lift transit from bottom to top positions
  • Able to start in either Hatch or Cargo scoring configurations
  • Load Cargo from floor or Human Player Station
  • Place Hatch in Sandstorm
  • Start game on HAB Level 2
HAB Climb Lift
HAB Docking, earning at least 15 HAB Climb Bonus Points, earns an alliance a ranking point. A Level 3 climb allows one alliance partner to earn 12 points by itself, so a 3 point Level 1 climb by another partner is all that's needed to achieve HAB Docking. Our HAB Climb Lift is designed to reliably enable a Level 2 or 3 climb.
The Lift changes the level (height above grade) of the Hatch and Cargo scoring systems.
PTO Gearbox
Hatch & Cargo Scoring
Cargo Intake
Autonomous Flexibility
CVT Swerve

Official Events

Kick-off - 5-January-2019
For the first time, we will not go to kickoff as a team. Reason is: 1) no field pieces; and 2) no seminars. We will hold our own kickoff at Exton Mall.
FMA District Westtown Event - 8-10 March-2019
FRC 1640 co-hosts this event, together with FRC 1391, The Metal Moose.
We had a slow start and our HAB Climb was not working. Finished qualifications in 27th place (of 32) with a (5-7-0) record. Pretty dismal. Despite this, we performed well in later matches and were the first pick of 2nd Alliance Captain 4342 (Demon Robotics). Together with 2191 (Flux Core), the 2nd Alliance won the event! 1640 also received the District Chairman's Award.
1640 earned 63 District points at Westtown. The District Chairman's Award also automatically qualified Sab-BOT-age for FMA Championships.
FMA District Seneca Event - 22-24 March-2019
Our HAB Lift was working and we performed better overall, finishing qualifications ranked 7th of 35 with an (8-4-0) record. We gratefully accepted the 2nd Alliance Captain's (834 -SparTech) invitation. 6327 (The Tin Soldiers) completed the 2nd Alliance, which while barely squeaking through Quarterfinals by the very barest of margins, went on to win the event!.
1640 earned 62 District points at Seneca.
FMA District Bensalem Event - 29-31 March-2019
As our 3rd District Event, Bensalem does not affect the team's ranking or prospects of advancing to the FRC Championship. We'd already qualified for the FIRST Mid-Atlantic Championship. This event was primarily intended to provide additional practice for all and an opportunity to improve our control software.
We ended qualifications ranked 6th in a field of 31 teams. That's quite okay, but we failed to move in one match and experience problems in others.
1640 had the good fortune of being invited to join the 1st Alliance by 2607 (The Fighting Robovikings). FRC 219 (Team Impact) completed the alliance. Unfortunately, and despite an awesome double HAB Level 3 climb in Quarterfinals 2, our alliance was eliminated in Quarterfinals.
Sab-BOT-age received the Excellence in Engineering Award.
FIRST Mid-Atlantic District Championship - 3 (load-in only)-6 April-2019
Governor Wolf of graciously visited the Championship, watching a match, driving TechFire's robot, and visiting the pits. The visit was very appreciated.
We ended qualification matches in 28th place (of 60) with a 6-5-1 record. We were the 1st pick of FRC 365 (Miracle Workerz), the 6th Alliance Captain. FRC 2729 (Storm) completed this Alliance. while we won the 1st quarterfinal match, we lost the next two.
Sab-BOT-age received the Chairman's Award. This automatically qualifies the team the for FRC Championship in Detroit.
At the close of the FIRST Mid-Atlantic competition season, 1640 is ranked #7 in MAR with 227 ranking points.
FRC Championship - 24-27 April-2019
Sab-BOT-age (FRC 1640) finished qualification matches ranked 9th out of 68 teams on Archimedes and ended up as 8th Alliance Captain. Our gratitude and sincere thanks to FRC 271 (Mechanical Marauders), FRC 3015 (Ranger Robotics) and FRC 4391 (Gladstone BraveBots) for joining us in Eliminations. We had a good run, defeating the 1st Alliance 2-1 in Quarterfinals. Alas, the 5th Alliance was simply too good for us to beat in Semifinals - Archimedes 5th Alliance (teams 5406, 930, 1310 & 4004) went on to become Archimedes Champion and FRC Championship Finalist!

Other Events

D-Town Dustoff - 10-November-2018
Downingtown FLL RQT - 1-December-2018
Westtown FLL RQT - 8-December-2018
2019 RCC Qianjiang International Robotics Open - 1-4 August-2019
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Robotstock - 24 & 25 August-2019
Duel on the Delaware - 19-October-2019
Ramp Riot - 2-3 November-2019


FIRST LEGO League Coach Training - 25-August-2018
Presentation to the Manufacturing Alliance of Chester & Delaware Counties - 4-December-2018
Clem McKown made an invited presentation of Downingtown Area Robotics and Team 1640 to the board of the Manufacturing Alliance.
Kids Tech Exploration Day - 26-October-2019
Swerve meeting with Cybersonics - 7-November-2019


2019 Chairman's Video

2019 Season Wrap-up Video

Battery Testing

Battery Testing 04-2019

Battery Management


Team Sab-BOT-age is what it is only due to the efforts of the people involved. DEWBOT XV's success will be in the hands of the students, mentors and parents engaged. The team's very existence is possible only through the gracious generosity of our sponsors.

DEWBOT XV Students
2019 Graduates
Sponsors 2019

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