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FRC 1640's robot for the 2023 game, CHARGED UP.

Some notable 2023 achievements are:


Photo Galleries:

DEWBOT XVIII was ethically sourced. No students were harmed while building the robot (yet).

Design Details

Strategic Objectives
  • Able to score Game Pieces at all NODEs
  • Able to pick up Game Pieces from field, including knocked-over CONEs
  • Able to load Game Pieces at either SUBSTATION
  • Rapid-load at SINGLE SUBSTATION
  • Able to signal SUBSTATION Human Player in regards to CONE or CUBE needed
  • Score 10 Game Pieces per match
  • Facilitate 3-robot DOCKING on CHARGE STATION
Monkey Claw
Swerve Drive
Chassis & Side Shields
Custon Circuits

Official Events

FMA District Hatboro-Horsham Event - 3-5 March-2023
Hatboro-Horsham was DEWBOT XVIII's competition debut. How did it go? Not bad. 1640 finished qualification matches ranked 6th in a field of 34 teams. We ended up 4th Alliance Captain with 341 (Miss Daisy), 6808 (William Tenent Robotics) and 816 (Anomaly - which replaced 6808 after they broke in the first eliminations match). We were eliminated in Semifinals.
The team received the Engineering Inspiration Award. This is a big deal.
We earned 46 District Points.
FMA District Springside Chesnut Hill Academy Event - 17-19 March-2023
Springside Chesnut Hill was DEWBOT XVIII's 2nd Qualifying Event. 1640 finished qualification matches ranked 5th in a field of 31 teams with an (8-4-0) record.
Sab-BOT-age was invited by team 4373 (RooBotics) to join the 3rd Alliance. Team 9014 (Vulcan Mechanics) completed the 3rd Alliance. We made it through Quarterfinals but were eliminated by the 4th Alliance in Match 12 (Round 4).
Team 1640 received the Innovation in Control Award.
We earned 44 District Points at this event.
FMA District Championship - 6-8 April-2023

Other Events

D-Town Dustoff - 12-November-2022
Sab-BOT-age hosts the 11th annual D-Town Dustoff FIRST LEGO League Scrimmage. 24 area FLL teams participated.
Downingtown FLL RQT - 3-December-2022
Summer Heat - 24-June-2023
Steel City Showdown - 5-August-2023


FRC 1640 students developed a Robotics Workshop for younger students and held two of these workshops at the Hankin and Exton Libraries in Chester County.

Downingtown Library Workshop - 10-July-2023

Lego Mindstorm Summer Camp - 31-July - 4-August, 2023


Team Sab-BOT-age is what it is only due to the efforts of the people involved. DEWBOT XVIII's success will be in the hands of the students, mentors and parents engaged. The team's very existence is possible only through the gracious generosity of our sponsors.

Sponsors 2023

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