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A ROBOT may only possess one (1) Game Piece at a time.

Each ROBOT may pre-load (1) Game Piece. Each alliance may pre-position (4) Game Pieces at specific points on the field.

All other Game Pieces must be obtained from SUBSTATIONS in the alliance's LOADING ZONE. A total of 54 CONES and 44 CUBES are divided equally between the two alliances (27 CONES and 22 CUBES per alliance).

Clearly the majority of Game Pieces will need to be obtained from the SUBSTATIONS. There is a DOUBLE SUBSTATION containing a pair of sliding shelves making Game Pieces available to ROBOTS. This is a good means for a ROBOT with a roller claw to obtain a Game Piece in scorable orientation. The Monkey Claw would/could/will work here too. But we assessed this form of pickup as okay but not-fast. Also, we were concerned that the DOUBLE SUBSTATION could become a busy place.

So we sought to develop a Hopper for DEWBOT which would allow a Human Player to slide a Game Piece through the PORTAL of the SINGLE SUBSTATION directly into the ROBOT into a secure position from which the Monkey Claw could easily grab it for scoring. This naturally needs to work equally well for CONEs and CUBEs.

This development effort seems to have been successful.