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Climbing on the Switch is a critical end-game objective. A hanging robot at match end earns 25 points, with 15 additional points if the switch is horizontal (within 8°). In qualification matches, alliances scoring 65 points at the switch receives a Ranking Point. Hanging means fully supported by the switch (not touching the ground). This makes hanging a must-do; something that the robot can accomplish quickly and reliably.

Hanging requirements:

  • Needs to be easy for drive team
  • Must be capable of hanging in switch center
  • Must be capable of hanging on raised area of switch
  • Robot must remain up when disabled
  • Robot needs to be easily removed from switch after match by two students
  • Robot must be removed from field and returned to pit without needing power

When the Shooter Arm was under consideration, it was intended that the Climber would be incorporated into this system. With the Arm abandoned, the Climber became a stand-alone mechanism.

DEWBOT's climber deploys pneumatically and extends a pair of hooks via leadscrews. A shifting gearbox allows fast extension together with the power needed to lift the robot off the playing field. By using leadscrews, backdriving after game's end is avoided.