DEWBOT XVI Drive-Train

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2020 Swerve Module - standoffs not shown to provide visibility of mechanical components
Our 2020 Swerve modules are redesigned from the ground up. Key benefits are reduced mass, low profiles and improved reliability of the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) drive. This is the output of a team development project conducted over the past two years.

A major change is in the CVT reduction is achieved. The same CVT pulley is used as in previous models, but in lieu using a pair of servo-driven "pinch pulleys" which tension the CVT's V-belt in order to affect change in reduction (by spreading the CVT pulley halves), the C-C distance of the CVT belt loop axles is changed by shifting the position of the drive motor/CVT pulley axle. This position shift is driven by a servo. The "pinch pulley" mechanism was fragile and subject to failure.

Mounting and overall heights of 1640's 2019 and 2020 Swerve Modules
The height of the module was significantly reduced. Attachment points to the chassis were also lowered: from 6.54 inches to 3-7/8 inches. This last point allows for a lower chassis frame and improves center of mass. The reduction in overall module height clears space in the robot corners for scoring mechanisms.

The shorter swerve modules are also better protected by the robot's bumpers.