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* Should accommodate Control Panel spinner
* Should accommodate Control Panel spinner
==Concept Development==
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[[Category:DEWBOT XVI]][[Category:Engineering]]
[[Category:DEWBOT XVI]][[Category:Engineering]]

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The Shooter Arm design concept comprises an arm containing a 5-Power Cell (7" foam ball) magazine with a 2-wheel shooter at the end. The arm also includes the switch-climbing and spinner mechanisms. The Shooter arm can be lowered to allow easy trench passage.

Key Performance Requirements
  • 5-Power Cell magazine capacity
  • Jam-free feed of Power Cells into magazine and to shooter
  • Must allow rapid, easy transit through Trench
  • Must be able to score in Outer (preferably Inner) Goal from Trench zone
  • Rapid fire (>1 shot/sec)
  • Must fit within starting perimeter & height
  • Arm elevation must remain static when robot is unpowered
  • Must load Power Cells from Human Player Station
  • Must be compatible with floor pick-up of Power Cells
  • Must accommodate Hanging mechanism for Generator Switch (and leveling mechanism?)
  • Should accommodate Control Panel spinner

Concept Development