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Team Sab-BOT-age (1640) scores a second victory at FMA Seneca, with Alliance Captain 834 (SparTechs) and 6327 (The Tin Soldiers). This win puts Sab-BOT-age (for now) in 1st rank within FIRST Mid-Atlantic with 125 points. 5404 Gearaffes and 834 SparTechs are close behind at 119 along with 1807 Redbird at 118.

Our top ranking is likely to be temporary. Five teams who have not yet played their 2nd events (56, 2577, 222, 5992 and 1676) could reasonably exceed our score (and a few others possibly could).

One critical robot function became available at Seneca: the HAB Lift. We are now able to end the match on either HAB level 2 or 3 using the lift. Some improvement is likely in the furture, particularly in reliability and speed.

1640 finished qualifications as 7th seed with an (8-4-0) record. 2nd seed 834 (SparTechs) invited us to join the 2nd Alliance, which we gratefully did. We just squeaked through Quarterfinals against the 7th Alliance (5113, 341 & 484), winning the 3rd match with an 81-81 tie which was resolved at the third tiebreaker level (we scored one more Cargo). Whew! Fortunately, we went through Semifinals and Finals with two matches each. We won Finals 2 (against the 1st alliance - 365, 1807 & 6921) with an event high score of 109 points.

1640 earned 62 District points at Seneca, for a total of 125. At the end of Seneca, 1640 was the top-ranked team in FMA.

This is the first time Sab-BOT-age has won two District Qualifiers in one season.

From the Déjà vu Department: one year ago, 834 and 1640 also won FMA Seneca together (with team 2600 - Falcon). 834 was the Alliance Captain and we were their first pick.

Clem McKown served as Robot Inspector.

Bensalem FMA District Event Photo Gallery