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Team Sab-BOT-age (1640) participated in a 3rd FIRST Mid-Atlantic qualifying event at Bensalem. This is a new event at Bensalem High School.

As a 3rd District Event, Bensalem does not affect the team's ranking or prospects of advancing to the FRC Championship. We'd already qualified for the FIRST Mid-Atlantic Championship. This event was primarily intended to provide additional practice for all and an opportunity to improve our control software.

We ended qualifications ranked 6th in a field of 31 teams. That's okay, but we failed to move in one match and experience problems in others.

1640 had the good fortune of being invited to join the 1st Alliance by 2607 (The Fighting Robovikings). FRC 219 (Team Impact) completed the alliance. Unfortunately, and despite an awesome double HAB Level 3 climb in Quarterfinals 2, our alliance was eliminated in Quarterfinals.

Sab-BOT-age received the Excellence in Engineering Award.

Clem McKown served as Robot Inspector Friday night. Clem & Sathya Yalvigi were Judges Saturday & Sunday.

Bensalem FMA District Event Photo Gallery