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Programming Team Information

ALL MEMBERS OF THE PROGRAMMING TEAM: Install the NI Software for FRC 2014, either from the team's DVD or downloaded from the FRC 2014 NI Software Set Up Guide page. The serial number needed for activation will be emailed out to team members. Follow the directions for installing Option 1 (team programming in LabVIEW). Next, download and install the FRC 2014 Update Suite from the FRC 2014 NI Software Set Up Guide page. Also, be sure to check out the tutorials available on the 2014 FRC LabVIEW Quick Start Guide page. ALL programming team members must have home access to a computer with the LabVIEW software installed, whether or not they bring that computer to build meetings or not.

For those who missed the certification test, it will be given again on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 8th. Those who have already taken it are allowed to re-take it if they wish.

Programming Certification Pre-Test for 2014 Season (with answers)

Proposed / Recommended Programming Team Structure

Control System

Some information about Network Tables

FRC Software Resources page

Programming Language

FRC LabVIEW software has been used for the past four seasons (2010 - 2013).

C++ and Java are also supported by FRC and could be used if the programming team decides to do so.

Programmer Training Resources