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Update Section

February 8

  1. Pat
    • Got robot's wheels to do a 360 degree turn followed by a 180 degree turn. Robot ran "straight" and could theoretically score, that is if it could shoot. Have to test more time to make sure that the autonomous code does these actions consistently!
    • Replaced 360, 180 code with 90, 0 code at Molly's suggestion; Works just as well as previous code. Started to work on trials with 90, 0 code, got eleven trials done.

NOTE: Tomorrow if I am not at robotics, someone has to work on this code, follow the directions on the board and use the Robot data spreadsheet I have provided; has trials already complete, as well as directions on what to do. You must work on the code if the robot goes off coarse too much (if any value goes over max. value from today's trials; make note, but don't add to trials, Twice this has happened to me).

  1. Sully
    • Worked on classmate, set up driver station on it. Also learned that you have to connect with an ethernet cable to the robot with it without massive lag

Intake code

What drivers want:

  1. Fully automatic
    • Press button
    • Intake engages
    • Motor starts
    • Press button
    • Intake disengages
    • Motor stops


  1. One button for motor control
  2. One button for intake (solenoid) control

Auton code

  1. Download code from repository
  2. Work on last nine trials
    • Use spreadsheet called Robot data-on Github
    • Follow directions on spreadsheet (sheet one)
    1. Ask Rizzo or Andrew for help!
  3. If robot moves too far off coarse-turn it off for a few min.
    • Continues to move off coarse too much work on code!

Current State of Products

To be maintained by sub-team leaders

Overall Robot Project

Preliminary driver/operator controls: DEWBOTXcontrols.jpg


Out of date!! State machine diagram for how it should work: ShooterStateMachine20140118.jpg

Ball Collection


Autonomous Mode

In progress (see Update Section above)

Driver Station Dashboard


Drive Train

Integrated into overall robot project since no coding changes are expected

Programming Products and Sub-Team Members

Product Description Sub-team members
Shooter Controls for shooting mechanism Kevin, Brad, DJ
Ball Collection Controls for ball collection mechanism Pat, Rachael, Henry, Sarah
Autonomous Mode Scripting code; tach-based driving Pat, DJ, Sully
Driver Station Dashboard Custom layout and controls; communication with robot project Brad, Kevin T., Malia
Drive Train Driver controls for teleop; motor initialization DJ, Kevin
Overall Robot Project Completely integrated competition code; kept current Kevin, DJ

Programming Team Information


  1. Install the NI Software for FRC 2014, either from the team's DVD or downloaded from the FRC 2014 NI Software Set Up Guide page. The serial number needed for activation will be emailed out to team members. Follow the directions for installing Option 1 (team programming in LabVIEW).
  2. Next, download and install the FRC 2014 Update Suite from the FRC 2014 NI Software Set Up Guide page.
  3. After doing the above steps, when LabVIEW 2013 is started, you should see "FRC 2014" on the LabVIEW splash screen. Re-check your installation if you do not see "FRC 2014" when you start LabView.
  4. Also, be sure to check out the tutorials available on the 2014 FRC LabVIEW Quick Start Guide page.

NOTE: All programmers must start to update status on what you completed during the day at least ten minutes before you leave. If you do not have an account on this website talk to Julie about getting an account! By doing so, we will allow all programmers know what everyone else is doing (state of their project), as well as to make the integration project run more smoothly.

NOTE: ALL programming team members must have home access to a computer with the LabVIEW software installed, whether or not they bring that computer to build meetings or not.

Programming Certification Pre-Test for 2014 Season (with answers)

Proposed / Recommended Programming Team Structure

Control System

Some information about Network Tables

FRC Software Resources page


2014 Robot Code Repository

Programming Language

FRC LabVIEW software has been used for the past four seasons (2010 - 2013).

C++ and Java are also supported by FRC and could be used if the programming team decides to do so.

Programmer Training Resources