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Welcome to Downingtown Area Robotics!

You got to this page either by clicking on help or because a page was not found.

Our website is three websites in one. It has information about

You can also use the search box to the left. Just put in the word or words you want to use (like sponsor, competition, 2009, etc.) Click on Search to find pages that have that word or phrase.

You can also try the technical help page.
Remember that the blue words are links that take you to other pages that describe it or to a glossary of terms.

Site Map

Below is a site map to help you find things quickly. <<Work in progress, summer of 2011 project>>

First Robotics Challenge

The FRC robots are named DEWBOT #, where the number increases by one each year. Follow the links to see a list of all the pages about each robot.

DEWBOT I - 2005 - Triple Play (our rookie year)
DEWBOT II - 2006 - Aim High
DEWBOT III - 2007 - Rack 'n Roll
DEWBOT IV - 2008 - Overdrive
DEWBOT V - 2009 - Lunacy
DEWBOT VI - 2010 - Breakaway
DEWBOT VII - 2011 - Logomotion
DEWBOT VIII - 2012 - Rebound Rumble
DEWBOT IX - 2013 - Ultimate Ascent
DEWBOT X - 2014 - Aerial Assist
DEWBOT XI - 2015 - Recycle Rush
DEWBOT XII - 2016 - FIRST Stronghold
DEWBOT XIII - 2017 - FIRST Steamworks
DEWBOT XIV - 2018 - FIRST Power Up

VEX Robotics Challenge

Organization / Website Information

Mentors - how our mentoring works
Sponsor - how sponsors work, our current sponsors

If you can't find the information you want then contact us via email at:

DEWBOTROBOT at Yahoo dot com

Let us know what you are looking for and we'll help you out.

Thanks for visiting with us!