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Welcome to the Downingtown Area Robotics Punchlist! Herein lies an itemized list of all the work needed to make the overall Downingtown Area Robotics organization function at its best. Many of these items are derived from the Steering Committee Minutes. The team-specific list for FIRST Robotics Competition Team 1640 can be found here.


  • This page includes two types of items. Projects, which are well-defined tasks to be completed by their deadlines, and priorities, which need to be defined into discrete projects.
  • Each project contains a number of associated milestones and deadlines. "?" Indicates deadline hasn't been approved by supervisor/collaborators. Project/milestone names also serve as links to related pages.
  • Names of collaborators and the item supervisor are listed by the item. Supervisors serve as the main contact and are responsible for the project/milestone's quality and on-time completion. Add your name and/or contact the supervisor to volunteer as a collaborator. Approach team leadership to volunteer as a supervisor.
  • Item priority number is designated by "P#", with the most important priority starting at 2 (1 is reserved for overall Downingtown Area Robotics items).


P1. Members' Manual (Supervisor: )
Fundraising Section Drafts: 29 July, 2010 (Siri's - done)
Fundraising Section Draft 1 Feedback: 4 August, 2010
Fundraising Section Second Drafts: 15 August, 2010
Collaborators: Siri, Foster, Clem...
Complete Manual Draft: Deadline?
Final Manual: Deadline?
P1. Finance Report (Faith)
Final Report: done - not sent?
P1. Final Budget Document (Supervisor: )
Final Document: ? 30 July, 2010
Collaborators: Foster, Clem, Siri, Rita, Gary, Faith, Scott
P1. Sponsor Recruitment Information
Current Actions Wiki Page (Clem)
Potential Sponsor List - local companies (from Google, etc): ?
Articulate Sponsor Recognition Methods & Requirements: ?
We should add photos
Distribute Recruitment Materials: ?
P2. Organize Warehouse Space (Supervisor: )
Final CAD Layout: (Supervisor: Clem)
Collaborators: Clem, Foster, Sasha, Andrew, Siri
Bill of Materials for Setup: ? (Supervisor: )
Collaborators: ...
Final Logistics Plan: ? 18 August, 2010 (Supervisor: )
Collaborators: ...
P4. Website Layout
Collaborators: Foster, Clem, Siri
Determine Information Architecture:
Implement New Layout:


P1. Fundraising
P0. Determine Student Requirements
P2. Student Recruitment
Especially Non-Engineering Students
In-school (art, graphic design, English, etc classes) recruitment avenues?