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Our Students - Molly - Team Co-Captain
CAD Training
DEWBOT VIII triple balanced on the Bridge
Pit at Hatboro-Horsham 2013
Our Sponsors - Boeing CH-47 Chinook
Volunteering at Battle o' Baltimore 2012
FRC Team 1640 was founded with 12 students in 2005 by DEHS physics teacher Paul Sabatino. Prior to joining the Downingtown East faculty, Mr. Sabatino mentored FRC Team 104 in the West Chester School District.

The team's name is Sab-BOT-age, in honor of Paul Sabatino's vital contributions.

In 2011, the team had to leave the aegis of the Downingtown Area School District and formed Downingtown Area Robotics, Inc. (DAR). The FRC 1640 team now encompasses nearly thirty students from throughout Chester County and more than a dozen mentors. While the organization has expanded its scope to include a FIRST Tech Challenge team and hosts FIRST LEGO League events, FRC 1640 remains solidly the core of DAR.

FRC 1640 competes within the Mid-Atlantic Robotics (MAR) District. Find us on Facebook

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What makes us special? - why join?

  • 1640 is not a school-based FRC team. We accept students throughout Chester County, Pennsylvania.
  • We are a co-ed team which makes co-ed work. Girls and Boys both occupy leadership roles within the team, and always have. The same holds within the team's mentor community. Advancement is based on merit and drive/commitment.
  • Competition - 1640 won six coveted blue banners in the past three years. We won the last Philadelphia Regional (2011) as alliance captain and won the subsequent two MAR Championships. We've been to FRC Championships in St. Louis the last four years and in 2013 & 2014, we were NEWTON DIVISION CHAMPIONS and found ourselves competing on EINSTIEN. In 2014 we were EINSTEIN FINALISTS. We have earned a reputation for playing smart and strategically.
  • Technology - 1640 has spent the last five years developing swerve drive, in which all (4) robot drive wheels are independently driven and steered. Technically challenging, this gives us both unparalleled agility and very good traction.

Once again, why join?

  • We do a lot of really cool technical stuff, such as:
  • CAD/CAM - Computer aided design (via SolidWorks) and Computer aided manufacturing.
  • Welding - Aluminum via MIG & steel by stick & MIG. Our last six robot chassis have been student welded (aluminum).
  • Composite Materials - Our last four robots have utilized carbon fiber and E-glass based composites. All made in-house.
  • Machining
  • Polymer molding - DEWBOT IX's (2013) polyurethane "Bowtie" wheels were our first foray into polyurethane molding.
  • Polymer forming - via heat table and vacuum-forming.
  • The team is tied into the community and is active in outreach.
  • There is over $16M in scholarship opportunities available to FRC students.
  • This will be the hardest fun you will ever have!
  • Our mentors!
  • Our alumni!


DEWBOT X 2014 - AerialAssist
DEWBOT IX 2013 - Ultimate AscentSM
DEWBOT VIII 2012 - Rebound Rumble
DEWBOT VII 2011 - Logomotion
DEWBOT VI 2010 - Breakaway
DEWBOT V 2009 - Lunacy
DEWBOT IV 2008 - Overdrive
DEWBOT III 2007 - Rack 'n Roll
DEWBOT II 2006 - Aim High
DEWBOT I 2005 - Triple Play


We have a Steering Committee to provide strategic leadership, governanace and make significant capital decisions.

Our Head Mentor provides tactical leadership and direction.

For gettting the word out, we rely on the Media Team.

A critical dimension of Team operations is Fundraising. No money, no robots!

Our newest team addition is our Spirit Team.


Chronological by reverse season. Official awards are bold, off-season awards are standard, and team peer awards and italicized.

2014 - Aerial Assist

2013 - Ultimate Ascent

2012 - Rebound Rumble

2011 - LogoMotion

2010 - Breakaway

2009 - Lunacy

2008 - Overdrive