FTC 7314 Engineering Notebook 2014-09-08

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Competition Season Meeting

Meeting Date Meeting Time Location Attendees
Monday, September 8, 2014 6pm-9pm TCHS Brandywine Trevor, Brad, CJ, Morgan, Nick, Akhila, Amal, Josh, Braden, Justin, Laura

Tasks Reflections
Prioritize Autonomous
  • We simulated the autonomous paths and tested and timed different scenarios for the different starting positions (ramp and floor positions)
Prototype a Chassis
  • Brad, CJ, Trevor, Nick and Laura started to design and build a prototype chassis to drive around, being about eighteen inches by fifteen inches, using the standard kit wheels for the base wheels.
  • For today, the prototype looked like a square.
Work On Engineering Notebook
  • we had to think of our thoughts on the spot while still thinking thoughts of the robot
  • We had to think of the robot's functions in part of the engineering notebook.
discuss robot functions
  • we designed our dreamy downward descent down the declining ramp into the rambunctious robot rolling goal score to the perplexing piercing parallel parking zone
  • we discussed having a wheel pool in the whiffle balls. so we then discussed having it bring them to a shooting mechanism.
  • We were thinking of having 4 motors with an L Chain.
  • We are using a single wheel, Dual Wheel, and Tank Tread as our Possessor.
discuss how implement robot functions
  • We decided for the transmission on a four motor chain drive system with tank tread.

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