FTC 7314 Engineering Notebook 2014-09-13

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Competition Season Meeting

Meeting Date Meeting Time Location Attendees
saturday, September 13th, 2014 2pm to 5pm TCHS Brandywine Braden, CJ,Morgan,Justin ,Josh,Brad, Laura,Akhila, Ama, Trever, Jacob, Nick

Tasks Reflections
Learn about Gracious Professionalism
  • Brad talked about the meaning of gracious professionalism, and how it requires all of the team, and them all treating each other, as well as other students, as equals
prototype 8 bar for lifting
  • Brad, Braden and Morgan worked on designing an effective eight bar, and succeeded in making half of the eight bar design. Brad then started to try to design the rest of the eight bar in Solidworks.
  • we were able to build the 8 bar prototype. It was high enough to reach the highest tube on the playing field
Prototype Conveyor Tube
  • After cj, laura, and worked on the tube we started to think of ideas for the conveyor on whether we add the linear side.
  • We started to work on the pulley on Solidworks.
  • Before thinking on combining the linear slide, we modeled and tried to assemble the tubes. Upon seeing that this would not be the most efficient way to go about the task, we made some sketches and thought of the pulley, and started to work on that with Solidworks.
  • During our work on solid works we tried to understand how we would put the linear slide/conveyer belt together. After brain storming we put the device together using two tubes a couple of cylinders. Although over time we will build upon the idea of this part for the robot the hardest part to figure out what we would use to build the robot linear/ conveyer belt is over.
Prototype Linear Slide
  • Josh and Justin were working with Andrew to prototype a linear slide for the robot.
  • Andrew, Josh and Justin were deciding on which metals would be used for the slide if we went with that option
  • Josh nearly fell asleep until we had to do solid works in order to simulate the same square and cylinder solidified in order to see the mass corresponding to the metal
Prototype Beater Bar
  • Trevor and his friend Jacob prototyped a beater bar to try to pick up the balls.
  • After three hours of work they finally got a very well performing system.
Demonstrate IR for new mentor
  • Nick worked on setting up lab view correctly on his computer for FTC. The FRC version of lab view and FTC version are not very compatible. Nick was unsuccessful at running the correct FTC code on his laptop. The FTC code is necessary to work on the robot. The end result will be using other students computers to run all of the FTC code.

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