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(Competition Season Meeting)
(Competition Season Meeting)
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! Recorded by: Brad
! Recorded by: Brad
! Date:
! Date:
! Journal Editor:  
! Journal Editor: Akhila
! Date:
! Date:
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Competition Season Meeting

Meeting Date Meeting Time Location Attendees
9/15/2014 6pm-9pm TCHS Brandywine Brad, Laura, Nick, Morgan, CJ, Josh, Akhila, Amal, Braden

Tasks Reflections
Prototype/Design Shooter
  • Akhila, Laura, CJ, Nick, and Amal tried to prototype and test out a single wheel shooter mechanism.
  • This shooter would shoot a ball up a tube into a rolling goal. We originally wanted to stay away from shooting, due to reliability concerns, but we decided that the tube would give them the reliability they needed.
  • Laura was originally worried that the motor would not have enough power to shoot the wheel. But after testing a Tetrix motor without a gearbox, it shot the ball really far and really hard.
  • There were a variety of wheels tested; including the standard Tetrix wheel, Omni wheel, as well the orange grippy wheel.
  • The first wheel that was tested was the regular Tetrix wheel. The outside rubber covering acted like rubber band and would actually separate itself from the plastic center when spun at full speed. This design was rejected due to this flaw.
  • The next test consisted of an Omni wheel being spun using the Tetrix motor without a gearbox. The sides of the Omni wheel would separate when it spun too fast. As a result of this the smaller side wheels on the Omni would fly off. This caused them to ricochet around the room and injure Nick's finger. One screw was lost and was never found! This flaw also prevented this design from moving any further.
  • The team thought with a better quality wheel, and/or a slower motor, we might be able to shoot the ball. We searched for a better wheel, and found an orange wheel.
  • Lastly a orange wheel was going to be tested. Considering the inside of the orange wheel did not fit within the axle of the Tetrix motor, a change needed to be made to the design of it's attachment. This process was worked on until the end of the meeting and will continue the next meeting.
  • We got to use a lathe and a drill press so we could test the orange wheel. It was really fun, but also kind of scary!
  • CJ burned a screw to make it come out of an object! ( He used the soldering iron on the motor!)
Prototype/Design 8- bar
  • Brad, Morgan, and Braden worked on designing the 8-bar on Solidworks, and learned how to mate parts on the program. Sadly, the data was lost, but we now have the knowledge to recreate the design.
  • At least we learned the most important lesson early--ALWAYS SAVE YOUR WORK!!
Prototype/Design Linear slide
  • Josh has a headache for life after finishing all his Solidworks designing the linear slide prototype, and sliders on the linear slide prototype.
Other Prototypes
  • CJ, Amal and Akhila also briefly looked at other back up ideas for the robot. Mentor Clem gave the idea of a pulley device that served as a scoring mechanism that, instead of shooting the balls which was our initial idea, we would drop the balls into the tubes for scoring.

Recorded by: Brad Date: Journal Editor: Akhila Date: