FTC 7314 Engineering Notebook 2014-10-11

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Competition Season Meeting

Meeting Date Meeting Time Location Attendees
TCHS Brandywine

Tasks Reflections
'Braden and Trevor worked on the intake and moving the wiring out of the way.
  • we were able to finish the intake and get most of the moving of the wires higher so we could put our design to get the balls in the moving goals.

"Chasssis design layout"

  • CJ, Amal, and Morgan started to design a chassis that would fit all the components the protype chassis could not. They had to include space for the shooter that would take up a large amount of space as well as the intake. They had to make a chassis design that was efficient as possible with the space given( 18' by 18'). Additionally the NXT, Textrix controllers, and Motor controllers had to be squeezed in as well.
80-20 Finish
  • 8 80-20 peacies completed
  • 2 sliders completed
  • dead line set for 10/20/14
  • Mentor Andrew helped Josh and Justin complete the 2 remaining 80-20 pieces to make a total of 8 which will be used as the linear slide as there is going to be 4 80-20 on each side to add stability and speed. We also started work on the slider pieces for the linear slide.

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