FTC 7314 Engineering Notebook 2014-10-30

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Meeting Date Meeting Time Location Attendees
10/30/14 6-9pm TCHS Brandywine Nick, CJ, Laura, Justin, Josh, Braden

Tasks Reflections
Fix the chassis
  • Josh, Justin, and Braden worked to finish refining the chassis by tightening screws and such
  • They were able to successfully fix the chassis and have it work and be ready for ramp riot.
Finish Teleop Programming
  • CJ, Nick, and Laura worked on finishing the teleop code.
  • They connected the new servos added last week (for the goal grabber and IR lift) to buttons on the controller.
  • Since we wanted to make both servos for the goal grabber move at the same time, they used an advanced sub VI. They also wanted the button to switch the grabbers from being all the way up to all the way down, instead of having to hold the button down to keep it down. To do this, they made our own program to toggle between these states.

Action and idea Journal

Recorded by: Date: Journal Editor: Amal Ronak Date:11/29/14