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* We all celebrated and were very proud of our accomplishment of Sab-BOT-Age.  
* We all celebrated and were very proud of our accomplishment of Sab-BOT-Age.  
|} <!-- End of tasks table; DO NOT REMOVE -->
|} <!-- End of tasks table; DO NOT REMOVE -->
==FTC Ramp Riot Photo Gallery==
==FTC Ramp Riot Photo Gallery==

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Competition Season Meeting

Meeting Date Meeting Time Location Attendees
Saturday, November 1 7:30 am-5:30 pm Wissahickon High School Amal, Trevor, CJ, Braden, Akhila, Justin, Josh, Braden, Nick

Tasks Reflections
Prepping For Inspection
  • All of the students at Ramp Riot had to try to make the robot ready for inspection in order to compete.
  • We had some trouble with the programming. But, we did get back on track just in the knick of time of when the competition was going to start.
  • The root of the programming problem was that the latest computer used for programming testing was not at competition
  • Luckily, Nick had the file on a USB drive and could be transferred to Akhila's computer.
  • However, the USB transfer was *slightly* problematic.
  • The advanced sub VI's that allowed for the two goal grabbers to go down at the same time were not executable.
  • This problem was fixed temporarily by assigning different controls for each of the motions for each of the Servos.
  • Just as everything was getting "fixed", the computer would not generate the code, and the entire program had to be transferred to another computer.
  • Hardware inspection went really well! We only had one problem and that was fixed in a minute. Field inspection also went really well! Software inspection took almost until the matches started there was so many problems from code not loading to voters not responding.
Competition Problems and Changes
  • Towards the middle of qualifiers, the robot started tipping over.
  • To remediate the problem, the team, decided to fix gears onto the lighter side of the robot. While this fixed the problem for the scrimmage, center of gravity is something the team will need to fix for further competitions.
  • Another problem was that the goal grabbers and the guide were not working as well as the team had conceived beforehand. The robot would drive over the kickstand, on top of the goal, therefore having the robot touch the tube, resulting in multiple major penalties.This became a recurring, evident problem during semifinals and finals. Alliance captain 4433, also known as Smokin' Motors, stepped up and helped us place two flat plates around the guide, rendering it useless, and thus TEMPORARILY fixing the problem. Like center of gravity, this is an important problem to fix and pay attention to.
  • The team sends a big thank you to team 4433 because of their help in strategy, choosing us for their alliance, and last minute robot fixes among many, many other things.
Pre Game Strategizing
  • Trevor worked with both driving teams in order to prepare them for all of their games in the way of strategy and how to carry that out.
  • Amal and Justin were also controlling the robots for once. Amal was the Operator and Justin was the driver.
  • The team came up with and used repeatedly the plan of having 4433 use autonomous for driving off the ramp and putting a small ball in the 60 cm tube. When Teleop started 7314 went straight for the goals dragging at least one into the parking zone and attempting to get two up to the top of the ramp. Meanwhile, 4433 knocked down the kickstand and scored in the tube in the parking zone. In endgame 7314 and 4433 drove up onto the ramp or in the parking zone. During this, 4433 scored in the center goal gaining a very large amount of points for the alliance. We used this strategy and variations many times throughout the semi-finals and finals.
  • Josh and Braden drove most of the matches with the driving team CJ and Justin driving once. our team made it to the finals and won with a score of 302-160 aganst the alliance of Ozone and Team Igutech.
  • Trevor coached in all of the matches at Ramp Riot and worked exceptionally well with 4433 scoring up to 302 points!
  • We all celebrated and were very proud of our accomplishment of Sab-BOT-Age.

FTC Ramp Riot Photo Gallery

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