FTC 7314 Engineering Notebook 2014-11-15

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Competition Season Meeting

Meeting Date Meeting Time Location Attendees
Saturday, November 15 2014 12pm-5pm TCHS Brandywine CJ, Josh, Amal, Akhila, Justin,Wade, Trevor, Laura

Tasks Reflections
Driving Practice
  • CJ, Amal, Josh and our newest member Wade, who joined today, practiced a number of ways to approach the kick stand in the middle of the field, and also and bringing the goals on top of the ramp effectively. Because they used the prototype, the device on the robot that would grab the goal was not implemented, and possessing the goal became very challenging. They drove over the tube many times, which in a competition would result in a penalty.
  • Akhila also learned the drive controls for the first time. She does not quite know if she liked them well enough to drive, but it was a pleasure learning!
  • Today, Wade, a visitor and possible team member, came to observe the team and a get a feel for how FTC 7314 works on things and what is currently being working on. He ended up being a big part of driver practice and is quite a good driver!
Make Shooter Parts
  • Amal, Josh, Wade, and Justin were working on the mill working with 5 parts. It took about 2 hours to finish but they were happy they got the job done.
Remaking Linear Slide
  • Justin, Josh, and Andrew remade the linear slide from the custom pieces that held the slider together. The original ones put too much weight up high, so we used lightweight plastic parts. These need holes put in the 80-20 parts to attach the new parts to the 80-20.
Engineering Notebook and Scouting
  • As the first competition is approaching, many things need to get accomplished. In addition to the robot, the engineering notebook and scouting sheets are also important tasks. Akhila worked on editing the engineering notebook pages and converting them into PDF files. She got about halfway through before pausing to work on something else.
  • She also made a scouting spreadsheet that encompassed all the opposing teams, their team numbers, websites, autonomous strategy, teleop strategy, and if team 7314 had seen them before.
Work on Autonomous
  • Nick worked on changing the autonomous so that it would be more robust and work accordingly to the field. He then made a IR beacon holder to attach to the field center piece. After this he continued fixing the autonomous to test it on the field. However another student put the robot away while Nick was retrieving a USB cable. Therefore, autonomous testing did not happen during the meeting.
Continue Welding
  • Laura and Trevor continued to weld the new chassis. They started by finishing all the welds we didn't do on the parts that were already connected.
  • To accomplish this, they learned a new welding technique, fillet welding. This is when one welds two pieces that meet at a 90 degree angle.
  • Then, they tacked (temporarily welded) three more pieces into place, and double checked their alignment.
  • These plates will hole the bapper, so the alignment was crucial.
  • After finalizing the position, they finished the remaining fillet welds, and finished up for the day.

Action and idea Journal

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