FTC 7314 Engineering Notebook 2014-11-29

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Competition Season Meeting

Meeting Date Meeting Time Location Attendees
Saturday, November 29 12-5 TCHS Brandywine Laura, Nick, Akhila, CJ, Trevor, Josh, Justin, Amal, Brad

Tasks Reflections
Celebrating Andrew's Birthday
  • Today was Andrew's birthday! He turned 20.
  • To celebrate, we sang happy birthday and ate some cake.
Team outreach and scouting
  • Brad created new scouting sheets for the competition season, and also worked more on team outreach write-ups
NXT continued
  • CJ began building the NXT case. Holding the NXT from the top the case, it will allow the team to slide the NXT easily in and out. Additionally, because the case has only two sides, the USB and other ports will be easily and efficiently plugged in.
Mount Angled Intake/Goal Guide
  • Laura worked to install the angled intake and goal guide she created yesterday.
  • For the angled intake, she mounted them to the underside of the plates that hold the motors for the bapper & intake. She tried to reuse the holes for the motor mounts, to prevent compromising the integrity of the plates. She had to drill one more hole on one side.
  • She tapped the hole, which was her first time using the tap.
  • She finally installed the 2 angled intakes, but not the goal guide. It took longer than expected. She will mount the goal guide next meeting, hopefully.
Adding Servo Mounts
  • Laura worked to drill the holes to mount servo mounts on the chassis. These servos will be used to push down on the far edge of the rolling goal base, so the tube doesn't tip as we push it up the ramp.
  • She tapped one hole crooked, so we had to enlarge the hole on the servo mount.
  • Akhila continued her work on the electronics.
  • After finding out she had used the wrong drill bit for the panels, she had to modify the holes, which took a bit of time and was frustrating.
  • She mounted the electronics onto the panels with 6-32 screws, and luckily they fit this time!
  • She also mounted the panels to the linear slide and they also fit very well!
  • She, along with Braden started wiring everything to the right place!
  • Both of them learned that wiring is a really meticulous job, and has to be done carefully to be done right!
  • Amal and Braden were also trying to help Akhila on mounting the servos.
Parallel beam for servo mounts
  • Josh helped with installing the beam parallel to the chassis in order to mount the servo mounts. They had to mount them in such a way, so as to let the servos move at least 180*. This will move the goal grabbers in a linear motion.
  • It was quite simple, but very time consuming!
  • Nick finished setting up the autonomous code for each of the field center piece positions. He Still needs to add motors for arm movements and shooting of the balls.
  • He also needs to tweak the values, which will not take too much time.

Action and idea Journal

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